21 Ideas For A Successful Life In Architecture

Ideas For A Successful Life In Architecture

Building a career in architecture takes time, effort, and undying enthusiasm to convert challenges into opportunities!

Obviously, it’s easier said than done. But we believe that if you develop the right skills and rigorously follow a set of professional practices, you can fulfill your career goals much earlier. These practices or ‘mantras’ constitute the expansion of the skill set and developing a professional outlook that fosters growth.

Therefore, with this guide, we aim to create a holistic approach towards finding prosperity in architecture. After consulting several experts and new-generation designers, we’ve collated a list of 21 ideas for a successful life in architecture.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Ideas For A Successful Life In Architecture

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  1. Give Your Career An Early Start

  • Freshers can start earning IDP hours straight away after high school
  • In case you haven’t registered yet, sign up for IDP and take the first step to licensure
  1. Networking – The Sureshot Path To Advancement

  • Immerse yourself into the architect community and mix with everyone, regardless of age and experience level
  • Don’t undervalue an AIA membership and opportunities to establish contact with top players in the field
  1. Don’t Invest Your Time And Effort In ‘Old Guard’ Firms

  • The new generation of professionals will ‘build’ the future
  • Architecture firms should welcome the ideas, innovation, and creativity of the young folk
  • Take a note of the way millennials approach challenges and tasks
  • Emerging professionals should feel valued and heard while being interviewed
  1. Don’t Burn Bridges

  • Believe us when we say that the architecture realm is too small and interconnected
  • Your decisions and actions may have more significant consequences
  1. Don’t Lose Your Patience Over ‘Know It All’ Clients

  • We all know who they are but you gotta keep your cool
  • Educate them about their options; use a multi-faceted approach to strengthen communication
  • Be professional and decisive
  • Most importantly, remember that you’re the architect in the room

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  1. Make Sure To Get Heard

  • Even the best ideas are hardly included in the project unless they are correctly pitched and defended
  • Any useful innovation and improvement is generally encouraged by clients
  1. Aim For The Top Position

  • It’s your career, so every decision you make will directly impact its progress
  • Appropriate experience and compensation is the key, so make sure your job offers all of that
  • If it doesn’t, look for better opportunities
  1. Rise Above Competition

  • Work hard at developing both soft and hard skills
  • Demonstrate your skills in a way so your contribution is appreciated by senior management
  • Utilize these skills to take on solo projects
  1. Plan Out Your Career Path

  • Assess your career decisions and look back at your achievements so far
  • Your past experiences should guide you in finding a suitable job
  • Choose wisely and make up your mind about what you really want to do
  • Work every day to reach that position
  1. Technology Is The Way To The Future

  • You should stay updated about all relevant technological advancements
  • Learn using new software and implement them in projects
  • Learn BIM while in school
  1. An Internship Is Not A Full-Time Job

  • An internship familiarizes you with the functioning of a firm and how they work on different projects
  • Full-time job mandates responsibilities and comes with strict deadlines
  1. Sustainability Should Be Your One True Calling

  • Learn and delve deeper into sustainable architecture and share your knowledge among peers
  • While in school, become an associate at LEED Green
  • Push for sustainability as a core idea within your firm
  1. Champion The Cause Of Sustainable Living

  • Educate your co-workers, clients, and everyone involved about sustainable living
  • This will help expand the clientele in the future
  1. Get Involved Within Your Community

  • Unfortunately, only 2% can afford to hire an architect
  • Get involved within your community to reach out to the remaining 98%
  1. Learning Does Not End With School

  • You must continuously strive to update your knowledge of materials, technology, and systems
  • Avoid working in a stagnant work environment; get out and convert challenges into opportunities

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  1. Save And Uphold The Profession

  • More often than not, architects are undervalued as the general public is unaware about their work
  • Educate and demonstrate to people how architects improve the quality of living
  1. Mentor The Upcoming Professionals

  • Teach and share your experiences with the next-generation architects
  • Mentoring is a two-way street; educate and learn something new in the process
  1. Fix Things And Initiate New And Efficient Practices

  • Fix minor issues that hinder the workflow
  • Always work to streamline different aspects of a project
  • Efficiency goes a long way in winning the favor of prospective clients
  1. Don’t Complain

  • Harness the optimism and enthusiasm of the new-generation professionals; consider their ideas instead of finding faults in every small suggestion
  • Be a positive and calming presence among your peers
  • Improve upon failed ventures and continue working on perfecting them
  1. Finish The Task, Fulfill Your Dreams

  • You dreamt of becoming an architect and a good one at that, so go ahead and take the A.R.E.
  • Don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal and keep working to reach it
  • Don’t give up after a failed attempt
  1. The Ultimate Advice

  • The simplest structure to build is a box, but we don’t make boxes
  • Architecture is about designing sustainable structures that can serve others, thereby contributing to a viable environment

21 ideas for a successful life 3

Final Words

That’s all from us!

We hope these 21 ideas will come in handy as you advance in your career. However, you must channelize your creativity and make use of opportunities to showcase your skills. That said, there’s no one-dimensional path to success and you can experiment in different areas until you find your true calling.

Also, there’s no end to learning new things, so keep an open mind to new practices, innovations, and technology in your field. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve and make yourself more flexible and adaptable to significant changes. On that note, we’d like to take your leave.

Till next time!

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