IDEO Morph 38 / Somdoon Architects

IDEO Morph 38 / Somdoon Architects

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Ideo morph 38 / somdoon architects

The development located away from the high-density district of Sukhumvit to a blissfully low-rise residential area.

According to the regulation and maximization of plot ratio, the development is separated to 2 towers which targets to different potential tenants in characters. The front 10-story tower was targeted for singles or young couples with the smallest typical unit footprint of 23.3 m2. The unit space is expressed vertically to achieve 5.4m floor to floor height. A full height cabinet along the party wall, which comes with a slidable ladder, helps to maximize the storage space within this small unit. The bedroom area is located on the mezzanine floor to create privacy from the living space below and to provide direct views for both living and bedroom area.

Ideo morph 38 / somdoon architects

In contrast, the rear 32-storey tower was targeted for family. The unit sizes and types are varies form 1bed with reading room to 2 bed duplex units with its private swimming pool and garden. Unlike the front tower that emphasizes on vertical used of space and views, this tower emphasizes on the horizontal and cantilevered space. The 2.4m cantilevered living space from the units with glazing enclosure on 3 sides providing the maximum view to each unit.

Ideo morph 38 / somdoon architects

The semi-outdoor balcony concept, which is a unique concept from the developer, is to add another sliding window on the outside of balcony. The semi-outdoor balcony is flexible to convert to be an extension indoor living area or change back to be a conventional balcony.

Ideo morph 38 / somdoon architects

The development takes the form of a folding “bark” envelop that wrap up and down from the west of the rear tower to the east of the front tower. This outer skin is an artistic form of precast concrete panels and green walls through a series of careful study on the relationship between the “seeing out” and “being seen”. The landscape and the architectural design have shared a same language throughout to create unity. The green wall height of 65m on the front tower and 130m on the rear tower have given the residences in and around the development a comfort visual and enhance a natural environment.

Project Details:
Location: Soi Sukhumvit 38, Bangkok, Thailand
Type: Residential
Size Plot Area: 5,320 m2
Architects: Somdoon Architects –
Principal Architect: Punpong Wiwatkul, Puiphai Khunawat
Project Team: Piboon Amornjiraporn, Ayutt Mahasom, Shalom Choong Foong Ling, Rapeepun Thongprywong, Thirawit Sinutok, Nunthida Owatranphorn, Supat Vongruttana, Supachai Khiewngam, Kamonrat Anantasuwat


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