Imarku vs Wusthof Knives | Showdown of Performance, Prices, and More

Imarku and Wusthof are both great kitchen knife brands. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy a high-quality knife. Choose Imarku if you prefer more lightweight and affordable kitchen knives. Choose Wüsthof if features like weightiness and brand value are important to you.

If you’re looking for good quality knife brands, chances are you’ve already heard of Wusthof and Imarku knives.

Each brand has a good range of cookware, including the standard chef’s knife and most knives that culinary experts swear by.

But between them, which one is right for you? What do world-renowned chefs use?

With this Imarku vs. Wusthof comparison, we hope to help you pick the best knife/set from these two excellent knife brands on the market!

Imarku Knives: Background & Overview

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Imarku is a Japanese-inspired brand of knives that has quickly risen in popularity due to their products’ excellent performance and stylish look that comes at a deceivingly affordable price.

Their CEO, Mark Liu, is a craftsman who started the company when a friend had trouble finding the perfect knives. They combine the work of artisans and technology in production.

You can check out this full review of Imarku kitchen knives if you want a more detailed look, and this guide on the production process of Imarku knives and where they’re made.

Wusthof Knives: Background & Overview

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Wusthof is a well-established German company that provides cutleries and cookware. However, they are famous for their knives which are the choice of many GLOBALLY FAMOUS chefs.

Their products go through a meticulous manufacturing process and use all sorts of materials. Whether that’s stainless, carbon steel, or others, Wusthof is definitely trusted to deliver!

The use of certain technologies keeps their products feel fresh and innovative despite having been around for over 200 years.

Imarku vs. Wusthof Knives: Side-By-Side Comparison of Features

In such a saturated market, it’s important to really look at knife features to decide which of the two companies can offer you what you need.

Let’s closely look at Imarku vs. Wusthof in terms of their performances.

Are Imarku knives great, or is Wusthof really that much better?

Let’s dive into the knives comparison below:

Blade Dimensions

When it comes to the dimensions of the blades, these brands offer knives that are pretty identical. An Imarku knife may have a slight advantage for those who prefer a thinner blade.

The blade sizes of Wusthof cutlery usually range from 7.8 – 8 inches in length and 0.1 – 01.14 of an inch in width. There are various sizes of blades crafted for every function of a kitchen knife.

On the other hand, Imarku knives typically measure 8 inches in length with a thickness of 0.09 – 0.1 inch. Similar to Wusthof, steel blade dimensions vary depending on their purpose.

We prefer a chef knife, for example, that has SLIMMER FEATURES that make cutting sharper and cleaner. It’s not a surprise that for this aspect, we would go for a good knife from Imarku.

WINNER: Imarku

Blade Material (Durability, Sharpness, Etc.)

Most cooks wouldn’t want their chef knife to break or dull before its time. A DURABLE and SHARP knife speaks volumes as to the quality of a knife brand, so let’s inspect the steel used by both.

Imarku produces German stainless steel knives with high carbon content, making them rather durable. An Imarku knife can resist rust and corrosion effectively.

Meanwhile, Wusthof knives are made of German steel (stainless steel as well) that uses PET technology.

These features make each knife especially corrosion-resistant and able to maintain its sharpness longer than other blades. In our experience, this includes Imarku.

Hence, we’d prefer a Wusthof knife for this category.

WINNER: Wusthof

Dimensions and Handling

Steak and spices with imarku knife

Chefs, experienced cooks, and culinary experts will all agree that the kitchen knife is an extension of your hand. You should have a comfortable handle on your knife for this.

When it comes to the 4.5-inch Wusthof handles, manufacturers use a variety of materials, from African Blackwood to good-quality plastics. There is typically a full tang underneath.

A Wusthof knife is likely to be triple-riveted, making it a trickier knife for lefties.

Imarku’s 5-inch knife handles have an ergonomic grip (suitable for lefties and righties), which we found helpful with chopping, slicing, cutting, etc. The weight feels lighter on the hand, too.

We are inclined to recommend the more versatile chef knife, so Imarku takes this category as well.

WINNER: Imarku


Two wusthof knife with berries and cutting board

Balance also has to do with a sharp knife being an extension of a chef’s hands. The more well-balanced a knife is in your hands, the MORE CONFIDENT you can be when cutting.

As mentioned earlier, we like the lighter features of Imarku cutlery. We feel that it positively affects the agility of knife movements and makes knife handling that much nimbler.

However, many others feel that a chef knife that’s crafted more substantially is more stable. In fact, for most, we suggest investing in a good quality knife that allows such confidence.

Wusthof offers better in this regard because the steel, and the knife as a whole, are LESS LIGHT and might be easier to control.

If you’re a beginner or simply like the feel of a weightier knife, we suggest the Wusthof brand.

WINNER: Wusthof

Average Price

Today, the market is full of knife brands in every price range. We believe in the value of a good quality knife for efficiency’s sake. Investing money in your knife set is a great idea.

Between Imarku and Wusthof, we have two brands that offer excellent quality for different budgets.

Wusthof is an established PRO CHEF FAVORITE and has been in the industry for a long time. The steel of their blade, its sharpness, reliability, and overall quality have stood the test of time.

Though worth it, not everyone can spend hundreds of dollars on a single knife.

Imarku is a relatively new brand, but their steel is great, their blade is sharp, and their knives may last you just as long.

For offering quality at an accessible price, we’ll go with Imarku.

WINNER: Imarku

Design and Attractiveness

Though a kitchen knife is primarily functional, it doesn’t hurt to do your cutting with style!

Both brands feature an impeccable stainless steel blade with each knife and tang, so this category is more about the aesthetic of their knife handles.

For the brand Wusthof, their handle materials vary. African blackwood and other composite materials make up the handles of their knives which aren’t very porous.

Imarku’s knives are a little more consistent with their classic, cool, and sturdy Pakkawood handles that every chef will appreciate.

For that, we have to hand the design aspect to Imarku.

WINNER: Imarku

Man cutting fruits using imarku knife


Here are answers to some related questions to the Imarku vs. Wusthof battle:

What Knives Does Gordon Ramsay Use?

Celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have both previously been attached to the Wusthof knife brand. As mentioned earlier, their stainless steel knives are pro favorites.

In addition, Chef Ramsay has also been known to use knives from the Henckels brand.

Are Japanese Knives Sharper Than German Knives?

Because they are typically smaller than German knives, the sharp edge of a Japanese knife usually forms a narrower angle and bevel that easily enables MORE PRECISE cuts and slices.

So yes, they generally tendto be sharper.

We suggest you also pay attention to blade retention or how long your stainless steel knife can stay sharp.

Final Verdict: Imarku vs Wusthof – Which Brand is Better?

Based on the comparisons we made earlier in the Imarku vs. Wusthof features showdown, the two were nearly tied, with Imarku edging out the competition by one more category.

Still, we want to emphasize that Wusthof is a FANTASTIC BRAND, and we doubt you can go wrong with their products!

Here’s a quick summary of which might suit you best:

Buy Imarku Knives If:

  • You are on a budget.
  • You prefer something more lightweight.

Buy Wusthof Knives If:

  • You have more to spend and trust a better-established name.

Your work is more stable with a slightly heavier tool.

Final Words

In this Imarku vs. Wusthof guide, we explored how each company compares to the other in terms of history and performance.

Imarku was awarded more categories, but only MARGINALLY.

If cash is not an issue and you like quick handling of your cutleries, go for Imarku. But if you can invest and you like some WEIGHT on your hands, Wusthof is a great pick.

Both undoubtedly offer excellent knives. We hope that the comparisons per feature have helped you choose the best brand for you!

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