Why is insulating your home so important?

Why is insulating your home so important?

The main reason for making sure your home is effectively insulated is to save money on energy costs. If warm air is able to escape from your property during cold weather then it’s obviously going to cost more to keep your home warm. Of course, a poorly insulated home can also be draughty which does not make for a pleasant living environment.

Why is insulating your home so important?

Let’s take a look at what you need to consider when it comes to insulating your home. Hopefully this article will help to motivate you to make sure your property insulation is as it should be.

The basics of insulation

One of the first things you need to think about when it comes to insulating your home is where most warm air is likely to escape from. You will probably find that warm air often escapes around doors and windows, as well as in any gaps or cracks in walls.

For this reason, a good basic start to home insulation is to make sure any cracks or holes are filled and to invest in insulating strips for doors and window frames. Warm air also often escapes through the attic of your home. This is why it’s so important to ensure this area of your home is well insulated. If the attic is empty and unfinished then you should insulate the floor space. If the attic is in use as a living space the insulation should be placed in the rafters.

Types of insulation

One of the most common forms of insulation in use is loose fill. This type of insulation is popular as it is easy to push into even harder to reach areas of your home. Loose fill insulation is generally made from glass fibres or cellulose.

If you are renovating a property, or you are insulating an unfinished attic space, you will probably use batts or rigid boards which are most commonly made from plastic foams or glass fibres.

You may also want to consider house cladding options if you want to insulate your home. Cladding the exterior walls of your home can have several benefits. From a visual point of view it can add an impressive view to your property; but it has several other important uses.

Insulation is one of these uses. If you have cladding fitted to your home it can help keep warm air in during cold weather and cool air in when the weather is hot. Cladding also helps to protect your home against extremes of weather, such as hailstones and strong winds.
If you want to try and reduce your energy bills you should check to make sure that your home is effectively insulated. It’s worth investing some time, effort and money if you end up saving cash in the long run. Insulating your home to a high standard also helps to reduce draughts which are not ideal if you want to live in comfort in your property.


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