Internet of Anything: An Open-Source Smart Home You Control

Internet of Anything: An Open-Source Smart Home You Control

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Internet of anything: an open-source smart home you control

Smart homes make our lives easier. But they could also end up being a real pain. Devices from competing companies might not want to talk to each other. Your gadgets might collect personal data and sell it to advertisers without you knowing about it it. The company you bought your hardware or software could close down, rending the product you shelled out big bucks for practically useless. Your whole house could become a botnet.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s no reason that your personal “Internet of Things” shouldn’t be a collection of gadgets and apps that you you control — not some company off in the cloud somewhere.

The Calaos Project is a collection of software tools aimed at helping you do just that. “The goal of the project is to produce an entire software suite that lets people configure, control and monitor their houses the way they want,” says Calaos developer Raoul Hecky.

Calaos includes a custom version of Linux designed specifically for the Internet of Things; a server platform for centralizing third party devices; and, perhaps most importantly, mobile apps for Android and iOS so that you can control all of your smart home gadgets from one interface. You can use the web and mobile apps to control anything that’s connected to the Calaos server, whether that’s a lighting system, a music player, or the locks on your house. It can become, in short, a remote control for your life. ….


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