Interview with Sergei Tchoban


Architect and founder of Mitte’s Museum for Architectural Drawing Sergei Tchoban sat down with Berlin Art Link to talk about some of his iconic completed works in Berlin and abroad, and the importance of detail and process exploration to his architectural oeuvre.

The Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing was opened in 2013 in the Pfefferberg complex, where it stands in dialogue with the former industrial buildings now housing Olafur Eliasson’s studio and the Architekturforum Aedes. Crucial to Sergei Tchoban’s practice is the integration of new architectural elements amidst historical buildings. Over the years, he has become adept at tailoring his new facades to communicate with their older neighbours.

The museum – made to reflect its contents, with architectural sketches etched into the facade – houses Tchoban’s impressive collection of drawings and also plays host to collections from other major institutions worldwide. Down to the doorknobs, the Tchoban Foundation is a feat of detailed consideration. We spoke with him about the significance of draftsmanship in architectural practice today.


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