Ivan Leonidov’s proposal for the Lenin Institute in Moscow (1927)

Ivan Leonidov’s proposal for the Lenin Institute in Moscow (1927)

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Ivan leonidov’s proposal for the lenin institute in moscow (1927)

All the same, there is some reservation in Leonidov’s work. Solving his problems by constructive means, and very bold ones at that — though technically feasible and theoretically applicable — Leonidov at the same time creates something which is impossible to realize today. Having taken a bold leap out of ordinariness, he has fallen into a certain utopianism. This utopianism consists not only in the fact that the USSR is not now economically strong enough to erect such buildings, but also in the fact that Leonidov was not really able to prove that his constructive conundrum was actually necessary, i.e. that this solution and only this will solve the problem concerned.

Thus while noting that Leonidov’s work in a sense constitutes a landmark and reference point for our future work, we must still not forget about these real conditions in which our practical activities have to take place.


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