Kaptol Staircases / Firma d.o.o.

Kaptol staircases / firma d. O. O.

Kaptol staircases in Sarajevo were envisaged as homage and monument to the prominent poets of the Bosnian capital city. The main goal of the design team was to conceive this urban intervention as a completely new and distinctive urban space for Sarajevo. This was achieved by assigning additional cultural and educational qualities to the basic, functional role of ordinary staircases.

Kaptol staircases / firma d. O. O.

In this way, the newly designed 120 stairs and seven landings have transformed Kaptol into a new meeting place for the citizens, offering beautiful and unconventional views of the city. Each of the seven landings was devoted to a poet from Sarajevo, whose verses and short biography were printed on the peripheral wall. This was a unique way of giving acknowledgment to the writers whose creativity and inspiration were closely tied to Sarajevo.

Kaptol staircases / firma d. O. O.

Experience of climbing 18 meters high staircases has been enriched by a dynamic play of spatial sequences, each accompanied by the verses of poetry that was inspired by the city of Sarajevo. In terms of composition, the entire urban scenario of Kaptol staircases is characterized by a discreet formal appearance and subtle use of the local limestone “hreša”.

Project Details:
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Type: Public
Project area: 295 sqm
Project Year: 2012 – 2013
Architects: Firma d.o.o – www.firma-arh.com
Client: Institute for reconstruction and development of the Sarajevo Canton
Designers: Dina Samic, Nermina Zagora
Collaborators: Amra Macic, Adis Kurtalic

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