Landscape architecture alumnus thrives in Italy

Landscape architecture alumnus thrives in Italy

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Landscape architecture alumnus thrives in italy

Q: How would you explain your design sensibility?

PA: I strive to create practical designs that work with natural systems and have room to evolve, while never losing site of the importance of aesthetics and the role of art in our craft.

Q: How would you describe what you do at VIDA Landscape Architects + Planners?

PA: I suppose the easiest way to describe our job is that we are landscape architects and architects who work with our clients and interdisciplinary teams to vision and construct beautiful places to live. Whether a public space or private estate, urban or wild, we believe in the human potential to work at making our environments better than how we found them.

As a partner and design director in the Florence, Italy, studio of VIDA, I am primarily charged with overseeing our work in Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but we occasionally get involved with projects further abroad – even a recent project in my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Q: What led you to work in Europe?

PA: I suppose the Penn State fourth-year landscape architecture study abroad program (Sede di Roma) had a lot to do with why I’m currently in Europe. ….


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