Large wind turbines banned in L.A. unincorporated areas

Large wind turbines banned in L.A. unincorporated areas

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Large wind turbines banned in l. A. Unincorporated areas

After hearing pleas from more than a dozen Antelope Valley residents, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors took preliminary steps Tuesday to ban utility-scale wind turbines in unincorporated areas of the county.

The supervisors unanimously approved a draft Renewable Energy Ordinance that updated permitting and regulations on small-scale wind and solar projects and utility-scale solar projects.

Supervisor Michael Antonovich, whose district includes the Antelope Valley, proposed the ban on the large wind turbine projects, which would have been permitted to be up to 500 feet high under the proposed ordinance.

Antonovich said he was sympathetic to the residents’ concerns.

“Generating renewable energy is important and Antelope Valley residents have dealt with the negative effects of solar field development including dust generation, noise and thousands of acres of visual blight,” Antonovich said. “However, wind turbines are inappropriate and should be banned.”

The county’s Department of Regional Planning staff had recommended that the large wind farms, be allowed, but regulated. Utility-scale wind turbine projects generate electricity for off-site use and are usually contracted through a power-purchase agreement with a utility. []


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