Leading Voices With ULI: A New Podcast Launched by the Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Institute

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The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has launched a new podcast series, Leading Voices with ULI, which offers personal leadership stories from some of the most innovative professionals in the real estate and land use industries.

Urban land institute

The series provides a candid look at leaders’ career journeys, including obstacles they have overcome, and reflections on their pathways to success. Produced by the ULI Leadership Network, the podcasts explore how factors such as upbringing and social experiences have influenced the participants both professionally and personally.

“The candid sharing of best practices and lessons learned has always been central to the ULI mission. These podcasts are a natural extension of ULI’s tradition of giving back for the benefit of our industry and our communities,” said ULI Global Chief Executive Officer Patrick L. Phillips. “We are excited about the potential of the series to inspire and guide the next generation of industry leaders.”

The podcast series will be hosted by ULI Foundation Governor Matt Slepin, founder of the San Francisco–based Terra Search Partners, a national executive search firm helping real estate companies build successful teams. Slepin serves on the board of ULI’s San Francisco’s District Council and is a member of ULI’s Urban Development and Mixed-Use Council. He has nearly 40 years of experience in search, management, and functional roles within the real estate industry.

“In this podcast series, we hear the stories of a broad range of people doing amazing work in our industry,” said Slepin. “We are talking to leaders and founders of companies, elected and career government officials, business leaders, and others who are making a huge difference in their communities. The podcast series is an opportunity to do deep dives with these people about the genius of their work, the roots of their passion, and what got them to where they are in their careers.”

Released with the launch are the two episodes featuring interviews with Mayor Marilyn Strickland of Tacoma, Washington, and Steve Wilson, cofounder of 21c Museum Hotels, Louisville, Kentucky. Other interviews set to be released over the next five weeks include discussions with Alicia Glen, deputy mayor of New York City; Kimber Lanning, founder and executive director, Local First Arizona, Phoenix; Steve Leeper, president and chief executive officer, Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC), Cincinnati; Alex Gilliam, founder and director of Public Workshop, Philadelphia; and Egbert Perry, chairman and chief executive officer of the Integral Group in Atlanta.

Each episode in the Leading Voices with ULI podcast series will be made available for public download for a limited time before being moved to ULI member–only access. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or find episodes at uli.org/leadingvoices.


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