Learn How to Use Affordable Chairs to Change your Living Room Theme

Learn How to Use Affordable Chairs to Change your Living Room Theme

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Your living room can be the place where you relax occasionally or a place you’re in all the time if children are part of your life, regardless, it should definitely not be dull and dreary space. But you’re also going to be thinking about costs. There’s little point in investing in expensive furniture  with high maintenance if you’ve got children who are going to be playing around on it all the time.

I’m here to tell you that you can make your living room look amazing, and not bleed your wallet dry doing it.


Can Affordable Chairs Be Comfortable?

The short answer? It’s possible.

The long answer? It’s going to take some effort on your part. Because it does take some time to find a diamond in the rough. It’s not the usual trip to IKEA as well. There are plenty of other stores that could give you the deal you want. You just have to be determined enough to find it.

Let’s say you’re in the market looking for a deal, perhaps some recliners on sale under 200 dollars. That’s not going to be easy, but it’s also not impossible. It’s just dependent on what you want out of your recliner.

Higher end recliners are nothing short of enticing. They offer in-built massage features, as well as quality construction that can last you for a very long time. But they’re high end for a reason.

So, if you want something affordable, there are some creature comforts that you’re going to have to let go.

But also remember to budget based on use. There’s little point in buying something comfortable and fashionable, if you aren’t going to use all that much. Allot more funds for furniture that you will use on a regular basis. If you want something that you won’t be using regularly, like a coffee table or a side chair, then it makes sense not to spend too much there. You’re trying to maximize comfort and minimize expense.

But like I said before, that doesn’t mean you can’t get something comfortable on a budget.


Consider Both – Style and Comfort

There’s a reason I’m emphasizing on how your furniture looks. It’s a part of your living room, and that means you are frequently going to have guests over, and you don’t want your entire living room built around one decor theme, and have your recliner stick out like an awkward thumb.

You’ll want to find something that both accentuates your decor, as well as provides you with the comfort that you’re looking for.

When it comes to comfort, it’s not for the pure sake of having something comfortable to crash into at the end of a long day at work. It’s also beneficial to your health. Here’s why.


Your Circulation Improves

Couches and chairs are designed to make you sit upright. Recliners aren’t. They’re designed to accommodate the natural curvature of the body and flow around that. This means that when you kick back and relax, gravity isn’t pooling all of your blood to your feet.

In the end, when you get up, you feel a lot more rested and refreshed than you otherwise would, sitting on a regular chair.

Back Pains are a Thing of the Past

Unfortunately, back pains and spine problems are becoming all too common these days. Recliners offer some relief with that. Since they are mentioned to naturally accommodate our body’s curvature, this means that they help release the pressure that we tend to build up on the back. With the higher end massaging recliners, you can even get a good massage.

Recliners are even better for pregnant women, since they will have a lot of pressure on their backs. If you or your spouse is expecting, it makes sense to have a good recliner in the house so that they can get some periodic relief from back pain.

But all of this doesn’t mean that you need to shell out a fortune for a good piece of furniture. There’s plenty of affordable recliners under $200 that should suit you perfectly.


How You can Get a Quality Recliner On a Budget

The first step to finding affordable furniture is to find some stores that are going to give you a good deal.

IKEA is great, but you’ll want to look around. Try stores like Joybird and Article. They’re known to have some great deals, and Article also offers flat rate shipping, regardless of how many pieces you order.

Another method that you’ll want to look into is yard sales and Craigslist. Look through them to see if there are any good used pieces that you can get for a cheap price. The downside is that you might have to do some additional work on them to make them look like new, but if you’re willing to go through that hassle, there’s no reason why you can’t find affordable recliners under $200.

Remember to check and see if the design of the recliner suits the decor of your current living room. If you’re buying online, remember to check reviews for that product to see if it’s actually a good deal, or if it’s just cheap cost and high maintenance.

If you’re a new homeowner and don’t have much by way of money to spend on expensive furniture, there are some good alternatives available.


New Homeowner? No Problem

It’s understandable that you’d already have paid a lot of money for the new home, and you’re probably paying off the mortgage as well. That’s why every penny counts when it comes to buying good furniture.

Before you try and look for brand new pieces, see if there’s anything that you can salvage from your old set that could work just as well in your new home. It might need some work, but that can turn out to be a lot cheaper than having to buy a whole new piece.

Another thing that you can do is to find out if any of your old neighbors are selling furniture that you might be interested in. Put in an ad on Craigslist telling them what you’re looking for, and you can probably get at least a few calls interested in selling it to you.

And don’t shirk off any pieces that aren’t the color that you’re looking for. Changing the fabric for a piece can definitely be a lot cheaper. Use the color argument to haggle down as much as possible, and get the best deal that you can. You can always change the fabric later, when you’re reupholstering the piece.


Shopping for affordable, yet comfortable furniture can be difficult, but if you’re willing to take some extra steps and plan beyond the one-stop trip to IKEA, there’s a lot of value that you can find. Good furniture is seldom found on the first try. It’s a continuous process, where you’ll have to search for something that not only blends well with your decor, but is also comfortable enough for you to use on a regular basis.

One thing to note though, remember to budget based on how much you use said furniture. It’s not worth paying a lot for a high end piece of furniture that you won’t really use all that much.

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