Learn How to Install Kitchen Base Cabinets

    Learn How to Install Kitchen Base Cabinets

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    Learning a few skills on the home improvement niche can turn out to be a blessing. The amount of money that homeowners spend on fixing small problems can accumulate to a small fortune over time. It is therefore a smart idea to at least learn how to repair the frequent small problems that you might come across at home.

    Learn how to install kitchen base cabinets

    Stocking up on food is one way of reducing the amount of money that you would otherwise spend if you shopped for what you need at the moment alone. Even flat pack kitchens will require a good number of cabinets installed. If you are looking to install all the cabinets in your kitchen, hiring a professional would be a much better solution; however, you can install the base cabinets on your own –with a little guidance of course. To avoid spending lots of money on simple repairs, it is always economical and wise to learn a few tricks when it comes to home repairs. If you are looking to install some base cabinets in your kitchen, here are some steps that you can follow to achieve the best results possible:

    Appropriate Tools

    As a DIY person, one thing that you should never over look is the appropriate tools for doing a certain job. Since you lack the professional training, the next best thing will be to have the perfect tools for the job. Even when installing flat pack kitchens, you need the right tools for the installation of your cabinets. Some of the necessary tools that you will require for work will include some of the following:

    • Screwdriver
    • Handsaw
    • Screws
    • Drill bit
    • A pair of Clamps
    • Pencil
    • Tape measure

    Once you have secured all of these tools, it is important that you also invest in some safety equipment such as goggles, dust mask and gloves.

    Choosing a Base Unit

    The base cabinet units are available in both rigid format and flat pack. If you are going for a custom look, it’s advisable that you go for flat pack units. With these, you can be able to decide just how you would like them installed unlike the rigid format. Flat pack kitchens are the best for a person who has some knowhow of the process of assembling and fixing them.

    Different manufactures use different accessories, accessories and methods of construction. This will help you select the base cabinet that you find to be suitable for your kitchen. If you are looking to save some time but spend a little more money, you should go for the rigid units.

    Cabinet Fitting

    Once you have all the necessary tools and base units, you should start fitting your flat pack kitchens at the corner. At the corner of your kitchen wall, you could easily install a conventional corner cabinet or an L-shaped unit. Use the tape measure and pencil to draw and plan where the cabinets should be once you are done. After you are done with your first base cabinets, use your clamps to adjoin them to one another on the inside. This should give you base cabinets that have very flush and level edges; it is important that your cabinets be in line once you are done working on them.


    If you are planning on taking the installation of flat pack kitchens and cabinets as a career, you need to have more specialized training. This will go a long way in helping you install the cabinets precisely as they should be installed. To create some space for eating, you should have base cabinets with ample countertops.


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