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Lower back pain is one of the leading causes for missing office now. Experts have estimated that the 80% of people would go through some back pain in their lives. It’s mostly the modern lifestyle where much of work days are spent on uncomfortable chairs and in bad posture.

The backbone has to keep up with the natural curve without failing, something which becomes difficult when someone is pulling off 12-hour work days.

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The spine has three curves, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar, which refer to the spaces near your neck, your upper back, and your lower back respectively. These are important to maintain, since, damage to their angles cause a lot of pain. However, most chairs are not designed to support these curves. Researchers have estimated people with clerical jobs took 7% of 28.8% of holidays taken.

What does sitting for long hours do? It flattens the lumbar curve because of the posture the person takes and causes pain. Stance is essential for this particular reason. People who are unable to keep up with the curves of their spine develop disabilities and lower back pain has been implicated as a significant disability causing factor.


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How do you help?

There is comfort in the fact that recliners with lumbar support are available now. While, recliners have been in fashion since the older days, now these chairs are more ergonomic than ever for meeting your needs.

The lower spine or your lumbar curve needs support when you have been putting it through hard stress all day. It is necessary to provide cushioned help to the lumbar, or the spine takes in a lot of force it is not meant to take.

When the lower back is supporting the entirety of your torso for long hours, the angle of lumbar curve changes. You can change your bone structure by subjecting yourself to bad posture.

Recliners for lumbar support give a push to the lumbar region to re-align them. Realignment is necessary to provide you comfort that you don’t get throughout the day.

Experts have found that the comfort levels visibly improved when working individuals used some form of lumbar support. What recliners for lumbar support do is provide the lumbar region a push so that it can put itself in alignment with the entire body.


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How necessary is a recliner?

Posture is important in the long run because it can cause a lot of problems, and yet, for office going individuals, maintaining position is a hurdle. The usual sitting posture usually involves hunching forward and working away on the desktop.

This position disturbs the angle of your spine designed for sitting upright. Hunching down can cause angular discomfort on your spine, and the lumbar region is flattened. It is perhaps imperative to remember that the backbone consists of fragments of many small bones and hunching forward means stretching out the connections between these bones to the limit.

The stretching out can lead to a lot of problems in the long run. The spine is necessary for any work that people do. It provides support for a lot of activities, and once, you stand up or sit straight, the lumbar region refuses to snap back in into position.

The bones are not as elastic as is presumed by the ordinary person. As one grows older, the bones become less and less flexible and the need for correct posture becomes more and more critical.


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What do recliners do?

Recliners with lumbar support usually include lumbar regions that are adjustable that provide time to the lumbar region to regain its position. Imagine a rubber band stretched so much that it cannot recover its original shape that is what happens to your spine.

The best rated recliners with lumbar support take away the sudden jerk that the flattened lumbar feels when someone suddenly gets up from their seat and starts walking. The regaining of the natural posture suddenly leaves the spine with no space to regain its original shape.

The change in the spine alignment can not only lead to back pain. Over the years bad posture has been associated with a lot of problems like indigestion and breathing problems.

Experts claim that recliners with lumbar support provide a space for the back to realign itself by offering a curve that is opposite to the “hunching” posture. The back goes from being stressed and in the front to being relaxed in the back.

It is no wonder that recliners with lumbar support are in demand right now. While, people might not associate furniture particularly with health problems, over the years it has become more and more critical to design day-to-day objects with the aim of helping individuals.

Furniture is important in the long run. It influences postures, lifestyles and even habits. Habits are necessary for maintaining good health in a world where the individual puts the body through a lot of stress.

There is an added benefit of using furniture for helping ourselves that it saves you a lot of medical costs in the long run. The proper furniture at home can provide not only a space for sitting but, can aid in reducing medical bills.

Doctors recommend reclining and other methods to support the spine after long days at work. There is documentation that there has seen visible improvement in lumbar curvature after the use of these products. The posture corrections that recliners for lumbar support provide aids lower back problems.


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If you keep on with bad posture 

Age causes a lot of changes in the spine. When you grow older, the backbone loses much of its elasticity and becomes less stretchable. This, in turn, means that when the lumbar curve gets flattened, it can no longer regain its posture and suffers in the long run.

There is evidence that bad posture may cause many diseases. While lower back pain remains one of the few conditions that are not well characterized, stance may be one of the primary causes. Bad position also leads to indigestion and breathing problems.

The pain that one feels because of their posture can cause long-term effects too. As mentioned earlier, these might lead to disabilities. People have reported incidents where they have had to consult chiropractors for lengthy durations to get back into normal lives.


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What do you do?

Recliners for lumbar support might not be a one-stop solution. However, in a lifestyle which does not accord a lot of time to look after oneself, it might be one of the luxuries to take in. Lumbar support is vital for not missing office, for getting rest, and ultimately for leading a healthy lifestyle.

In the fast-paced world of today, rest is more important than ever. Spine realignment might not come up as one of the significant issues in healthcare priorities. It is one of the problems that is least focused on in general. However, as mentioned earlier, back pain is an epidemic that needs treatment. It is essential thus, to take pre-emptive care, and recliners for lumbar support do just that.

It remains a smart choice to improve the body posture so that you do not suffer from pain in the later years.

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