Leipziger Ring full Panorama

Leipziger Ring full Panorama

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What if you could view a 3.5 km long street scene in one image?
And what if you could compare it to its predecessor cityscape 165 years earlier? Both is possible in a new exhibition in the east german city Leipzig!

The project started off two years ago, when publisher Mark Lehmstedt approached Leipzig based photographer Jörg Dietrich (PanoramaStreetline.com) with a lithography from 1850, which presented the whole inner city circle of Leipzig (Leipziger Ring) in ten panoramas, continuously stitched in one very long leporello. Could this be repeated as a photography for the city’s millenial anniversary in 2015? It could. Jörg Dietrich created a comparable continuous photographic panorama composition of the Leipziger Ring today.

This kind of linear panoramic image, naturally, is quite different from the classic panoramas we all know. Created manually from multi-perspective images taken along the 3.5 km long street scene, it visualizes a view of the city which is not possible to be viewed in reality. This way one can examine how a city is structured and which architectural styles it is shaped by. Looking closer we see the traces time has left and how society is occupying these buildings today.



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