Madrid, Spain is banning cars from its crowded city center

Madrid, Spain is banning cars from its crowded city center

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Madrid, spain is banning cars from its crowded city center

Madrid’s mayor, Manuela Carmena, is serious about kicking personal cars off the road in the city center.

On a November 5 show on Spanish radio networkCadena Ser, she confirmed that Madrid’s main avenue, the Gran Vía, will only allow access to bikes, buses, and taxis before she leaves office in May 2022, as noted by CityLab.

Carmena said she has every intention to “pedestrianize the Gran Vía in this legislature.” The effort is part of a larger plan to ban all diesel cars in Madrid by 2025.

Established in 1910, the Gran Vía is a busy, six-lane road that cuts through the city’s center — making the upcoming car ban highly ambitious.

In December, around holiday shopping time, Madrid blocked personal cars from the Gran Vía for nine days. Carmena’s rival and leader of the right-wing Popular Party in Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, later threatened to sue the city for the temporary ban. Aguirre argued that it hurt businesses along road, since car-driving customers couldn’t access it. […]


  1. Níce ideal. But Gran Via is big. Small eléctrica busses up and down could be usefull. The citties Tô the people who live There. Go for it.


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