How to Make Your Residential Building Safer

ZAC Masséna, France / Hamonic+Masson & Associés and Comte Vollenweider
Photograph © Takuji Shimmura

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Zac masséna, france / hamonic+masson & associés and comte vollenweider
Photograph © Takuji Shimmura

As a landlord, it is your job to make your residents feel safe, particularly when sharing an apartment building. In large apartment buildings you might need to do even more to make people feel safe as the risk of danger is greater. Too many landlords rent apartments that are nasty and run down and are in need of serious renovation and the reason they do this is because of pure greed. As a landlord you have a responsibility to other people to make their lives as comfortable as you can. If you’re one of the nice landlords in the world and are looking to make a change to your resident’s lives, then read on.

Video Intercom

In London, UK, crime is high – as with any capital – and so locksmiths like are providing intercoms with built in camera technology, so you can both hear and see the person who is trying to gain access to your building. This just makes it that much harder for someone to break in and makes the residents feel safer and so it’s a win-win.

Allow Small Dogs

You may allow pets anyway, and if so, good on you. If not, read on. This is a great way to make people feel safer without having to actually spend any money. If you allow small well behaved dogs into the apartments, then the risk of damage is lessened (anyway, if there is damage just make the tenant pay, or take their deposit). You might be thinking that a big dog would be better at protection, but you’d be wrong. We don’t want a German Shepard to tear out the throat of a burglar (and in today’s backwards society you’d probably get sued), we just need a deterrent and studies have shown that smaller dogs, with their high-pitched yapping prove a better deterrent. If a dog is too loud and barks constantly and annoys the other neighbours then you can ask the tenant to get rid of the animal or leave (although it didn’t turn out well for that landlord in The Godfather Part II).


If you haven’t installed the CCTV yet, then what is wrong with you? It’s 2016! People feel safer knowing that if there is a crime then there’s a much better chance the culprit will be found out and brought to justice. It also serves as another good deterrent as criminals will be much more wary about entering a building that is monitored.


If the building is big enough and with enough apartments or floors, then it really is worth getting a 24/7 doorman. It almost reduces the chance of a burglary to nearly 0%. The burglar would have to be extremely tenacious to be able to break in undetected whilst there was a doorman present.

Locks, Locks, and More Locks

Having more than one lock on a door to an apartment makes it too time-consuming for a burglar to bother with. One lock is easy to bypass either with a bit of lock picking or a swift bash, whereas when there’s more than one (three is a good number … and the magic number), it is too much of a risk and so they will simply find weaker pray to hunt.


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