The making of City Center Bishop Ranch by Renzo Piano

The making of City Center Bishop Ranch by Renzo Piano

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Sunset Development Company (developer of City Center) has hired Renzo Piano (Pritzker Prize winner in 1998) to create City Center and bring the dynamics of the city – its concentration of energy and spontaneity — to the more diffuse suburban environment. The mission is to create an open and animated place that arises from the innate qualities of the area and invites everyone into its generous one-acre piazza public space. This will be his first shopping center project.

Our aim in building City Center at Bishop Ranch is to create an animated civic space that serves the community in many ways, night and day, in every season. With a one-acre piazza at its heart, open to the sky and graced with trees, City Center brings to San Ramon a public place at once welcoming and entertaining.

A subtly integrated stage allows for weekly and seasonal events. Quality shops, restaurants and movie theatres provide the commercial elements essential to the suburban lifestyle. And the light palette of materials gives the whole of the center a luminous quality, an openness and transparency that encourage people of every generation to gather and return. City Center at Bishop Ranch will be home to approximately 60 stores and restaurants in 350,000 square feet.


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