Makita Belt Sander Review | Makita 9403

The Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24” features a powerful motor and abrasive belt, which makes it a versatile tool. It has a highly convenient design and ergonomic grip that makes the sanding process a breeze. The dust collection bag and quiet operation further add to the convenience. 

A belt sander tool is helpful in making rough furniture smooth or removing rust and old paint from surfaces. 

Unfortunately, finding a good belt sander can be relatively difficult, especially considering the technical specifications and features that you need to consider. That is why we have reviewed the Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24, which is regarded by many professionals as one of the best belt sanders available today. 

So, if you want to know what we thought about this product, then dive in! 

Makita Belt Sander Review

Electric belt sander, sanding machine in male hand. Processing of workpiece on light brown wooden table. Close up. Makita belt sander review.

Motor – Powerful And Adjustable

The motor is the most important component of any belt sander tool since it is the primary source of power and torque for the machine. A stronger motor will consume more energy but will allow you to sand a large area quickly. Conversely, a weaker engine will use less energy but will be considerably slower. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s talk about the motor of the Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24”. It comes with a powerful 11-Amp motor, which is one of the highest that Makita has to offer. Because of that, the tool can be used to sand the biggest and toughest lumber pieces with relative ease. 

Another interesting feature of the motor is its electronic speed control system. Thanks to that, the belt sander is able to maintain constant speed under any kind of load. So, you can use the tool on any surface without worrying about stalling issues. 

Sanding Belt – Versatile With Moderate Speed

The sanding belt is another crucial component in a belt sander tool. This is the part that actually does the sanding, so without it, the sander will become practically worthless. In essence, the usefulness of this tool directly depends on this component. 

With that being said, this particular Makita model features a sanding belt that is 4 inches wide and 24 inches long. These dimensions make the belt suitable for both small and large sanding jobs. 

Moreover, the abrasive belt can operate at a speed of 1,640 feet per minute. While it might not be an outstanding belt speed when compared to other models on the market, it can get the job done fairly quickly. 

In this regard, the variable speed of the belt deserves mention, as it enhances the overall effectiveness of this sander. Based on the load, the speed of the belt can be adjusted for the most efficient stock removal. 

Dust Collection And Disposal – Highly Convenient

Sanding activities generate a lot of dust particles, which can make the clean-up process a nightmare. Furthermore, if you breathe in the dust, you will suffer from serious respiratory problems. Thankfully, most belt sanders available today come with some form of dust collection mechanism, which make them safe and convenient to use. 

The Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24” comes with a dust collection and disposal system in the form of a mounted dust bag. This dust bag features a 360-degree swiveling design, which captures all of the dust from the sanding process. And after you are done, you can conveniently detach the bag and safely dispose of the dust. 

Noise Level – Quieter Than Most

Given the rough nature of the sanding process, it is natural to think that belt sanders generate a lot of noise when in operation. But you’ll be pleased to know that some of the best belt sanders available today come with silent motors that allow you to work in peace. 

The same goes for this particular belt sander by Makita, as it comes with a motor that generates only 84 dB of noise. Such a low noise level ensures that your ears are protected from damage, even without earmuffs. 

Design – Efficient And Convenient

We’d say that the design of the Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24” deserves special mention since it contains some features that make it convenient to operate. For starters, it comes with a labyrinth-like design, which keeps dust and debris from entering the tool. Thus, it helps to keep the internal motor and bearings protected, thereby enhancing their lifespan. 

Apart from that, it features replaceable ceramic wear plates that reduce maintenance time. Moreover, this sander comes with double insulation so that there is no risk of electrical hazards. Likewise, the extension cord is situated on top of the machine and beside the handle for optimal convenience. 

We also liked its unique design and the extended base of this sander model. Along with its low profile, it offers exceptional balance, even when sanding the toughest loads. 

Grip – Designed To Be Ergonomic

Belt sanding activities can strain your arms considerably, which is why the grip becomes crucial. A decent grip makes the machine more ergonomic to handle and keeps arm injuries at bay. 

When talking about this particular belt sander model by Makita, you should know that it features two handles for maximum convenience. The primary handle positioned on the front is quite large and is designed to offer optimal comfort while sanding. 

It has a pistol grip, which means that the button for operating it can be found on the handle itself. All you need to do is hold the sander grip firmly and press down on the button to get started. 

Subsequently, the secondary knob grip provides extra support when sanding heavier loads. That said, the knob grip design is a bit small, so if you have larger hands, you may have trouble holding it. 

Weight – Relatively Lightweight

In addition to the grip, the weight plays a crucial role in making the sander ergonomic. For instance, if the sander is too heavy, a lot of strength will be necessary to handle it. In that case, it can’t be considered to be ergonomic, even if it has a large front grip. 

On that note, the shipping weight of the Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24” model is a little over 16 pounds, while the net weight is around 13 pounds. The lightweight design makes the sander relatively easy to handle. 

What We Like

  • It comes with a powerful motor 
  • Highly versatile operation 
  • Convenient to maintain 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Relatively silent operation 

What We Don’t Like

  • Belt speed is not very high 
  • The secondary grip is not suitable for large hands 


  • Shipping Weight: 16.23 lbs 
  • Net Weight:12.6 lbs 
  • Overall Length: 13-7/8″ 
  • Belt Size: 4″ x 24″ 
  • Belt Speed: 1,640 ft/min 
  • Motor Power: 11 Amps 

The carpenter process the wood by the belt sander. Makita belt sander final verdict.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with the features and versatility of the Makita belt sander 9403 4” x 24”. The heavy-duty belt and the powerful motor make it perfect for use by general contractors and furniture makers. 

Its ease of use and features make it so that it can be used by general DIYers as well. And thanks to its design, you can effortlessly sand the floor, walls, or any other furniture with it. 

What’s more, you don’t have to worry a lot about clean-ups and maintenance either, which makes it even more convenient to use. 

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