Malliouhana, An Auberge Resort / SB Architects

The renovation of Malliouhana represents an opportunity to bring an iconic five-star property back to the forefront of exclusive, luxury destinations in the Caribbean. With its unparalleled 20-acre site, set upon dramatic cliffs overlooking pristine white sand beaches, abundant tropical landscape and breathtaking sea views, the Malliouhana has the ability to be not only the top resort on the island, but one of the pre-eminent destinations in the Caribbean.

The primary goal of the re-design was to establish a sense of cohesive, luxurious identity for the resort, which had been missing – creating an exclusive, boutique experience befitting an Auberge Resort, while maintaining the essence and identity of the original property.

The first step was to establish a strong sense of the resort’s identity from the moment the hotel comes in view. To accomplish this goal, the design team eliminated the resort’s well-known porte-cochere, opening the hotel entry to views of the banyan trees and creating a continuous journey from the entry straight through to the water view – this is the hotel’s “wow” moment. By demolishing two rooms on the lower level and opening up the lobby space, the team maximized the impact of the site’s greatest amenity – the blue water visible in all directions.

Inspired by the quirky beauty the white, almost art deco arches so symbolic of the resort, the design team embraced the tall, narrow proportions – making them even better, more graceful, more memorable. At the entry, the arches are covered in creeping fig, creating a wall of green that forms a vivid contrast to the all-white hotel.

All of the guestrooms and villas have been renovated with new furnishings and finishes, as well as re-designed baths. The original Orchard Villa has been renovated to create new boutique spa, with four treatment rooms, a reception and retail space, locker rooms for men and women, and an expansive trellis-covered relaxation garden.

The cliff-side pool has been completely re-designed and terraced on two levels to accentuate its dramatic cliff-top location. In place of a single, open pool, cabanas and semi-private architectural elements create a variety of outdoor experiences.

The spectacular location of the restaurant – perched upon the cliffs overlooking the beach – allowed the design team to create an entirely new element to the resort perched directly upon the cliffs. Curved and terraced to follow the contours of the cliff’s edge, the space provides every diner with dramatic through views. The iconic – and definitely quirky – 12-sided event terrace remains, cloaked in an entirely new skin.

Project Details:
Location: Anguilla, British West Indies
Client: AJCP
Operator: Auberge Resorts
Architect: SB Architects
Interiors: TAL Studio
Landscape: SKS Design
Project Size: 20 acres
Project Components: resort renovation, 46 guest keys & villas, 120-seat cliff-side restaurant, event deck & meeting rooms, spa, pool

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