Mapping the places that provoke an emotional reaction

Mapping the places that provoke an emotional reaction
“This market street in Mumbai generated this kind of delicious shock for me.” // ©Colin Ellard

Ever notice that a certain part of the city can change your mood? Maybe part of your school or office building makes you feel sickly. That “vibe,” urban psychologist Colin Ellard would argue, is quite real. We’re affected by the environment we inhabit in a dizzying number of ways, and with the rise of condos, technology that keeps us staring at our screens, and slowly disappearing green spaces, even the way we think may be changing.

As he argues in his new book Places of the Heart: The Psychogeography of Everyday Life, thinking about our environment, the sights we pass as we make our way around the city (or country) make us more aware. Eventually, supportive, emotion-sensing technology may even lend a helping hand. []

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