Matthew Simmonds is a stonemason who carves intricate designs into stone

The world in your hand: Intricate and palm-sized historical buildings

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The world in your hand: intricate and palm-sized historical buildings

Matthew Simmonds work is inspired by different cultures and architectural trends in history. His work is currently on display at the Islamic Arts Festival

For over two decades Matthew Simmonds has been recreating history in miniature form.

From ancient religious buildings to Chinese feng shui, Simmonds finds inspiration through his extensive study of varying cultures and periods.

And it’s his choice of canvas — solid rock — that makes his work particularly interesting.

As a qualified stonemason, he spends weeks at a time, meticulously carving detailed interiors into tiny pieces of limestone and marble.

“I’m not recreating any one building in particular, but instead looking at the way in which certain architectural trends exist during one particular historical period, then carve it into stone,” Simmonds explains.

“I look at the language of buildings and create something of my own.”

With a diverse international client base, Simmonds’ portfolio spans several histories and cultures. His current work, a nod to Islamic architecture, is on display at the Islamic Arts Festival in Sharjah, The United Arab Emirates.

CNN: Why did you choose stone as your primary material?
Simmonds: Stone is a very beautiful thing because for every human endeavor in history, and by that I mean the human efforts we as a species use to express who we are and what we believe in at any given time…stone is often the one material that remains. […]

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