Mercedes-Benz Stadium Lights the Way for Connectivity

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia is the new home of the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta United FC Major Soccer Team. Its stunning architecture channels ancient Rome and the Pantheon. The Stadium takes connectivity to a new level with a 360-degree halo display and over 80,000 square feet of video displays.

Mercedes-benz stadium lights the way for connectivity
The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia

When the Pantheon was built, it was constructed in a typical Roman fashion: as a temple and complete with bronze, marble, and ornate imagery. Its most defining feature is the gravity-defying dome. Over 2000 years later, architecture continues to be inspired by its design.

Enter 2017, and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the newest incarnation. Inspired by the domed architecture of the Pantheon, the stadium can host the Super Bowl, basketball and soccer events. But it’s just another stadium, right?

The Fan Experience Begins Before You Enter the Stadium

At 30-stories high, the exterior of the stadium creates an immense gathering place for pre-game festivities. As if to channel ancient Rome and its citizens’ marketplace, the plaza in front of the stadium features a design conducive to tailgating. Once inside, fans can’t miss the retractable roof feature. Opening or closing like a flower in seven minutes makes the weather no match for event day. One inside, 23 escalators will swiftly move fans throughout the stadium, with 19 elevators.

A Page Out of History

The original Pantheon utilized only the natural light that shone through the domed hole. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium takes this concept to the skylight overload level. Floor-to-ceiling windows feature on one side of the stadium.

I Can See Your Halo

The Halo feature is likely one of the most impressive features of the new stadium. A five-stories high circle of HD video will be visible to fans throughout the entire game. At tens of thousands of square feet (64,000 to be exact), the halo is the largest video board in professional sports. Seeing yourself on this jumbotron will make it the largest digital picture of you in the world, so don’t be a slouch.

Additional features of the halo addition include the ability to fly your helicopter through it (if so inclined). This is not necessarily handy but provides an accurate visual for gauging the size of the domed roof.

But I Came to See the Game

The real reason people will attend the events here should not be understated: sports. And if you cannot see the game, then the fanciest of venues are for naught. The stadium designers don’t want fans to miss any game action. So, the stadium will have LED sports lights installed, opting to switch from metal halide. This switch will present a much brighter lighting experience. Designers have also incorporated video screens into some of the columns and amongst seats. Open air lounges also ensure no game moments are lost.

The ‘New’ New Stadium Experience

In the past, fans attending a sporting event packed a few pieces of memorabilia, headed to the stadium, grabbed their $12 hot dog and $10 beer and trudged up to their seats. Today, the stadium experience has been transformed. Beyond showcasing the sporting event, the facility has been designed to be an entertainment mecca, providing fans with an unmatched digital and visual experience. Opening day is Sunday, July 30, 2017.

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