Mia Lehrer: “Recalibrating the City: Advocacy by Design”

Mia Lehrer: “Recalibrating the City: Advocacy by Design”

Mia Lehrer is the founding principal of Mia Lehrer + Associates, a Los Angeles-based landscape architecture practice. Lehrer utilizes “advocacy as a design tool” to incorporate education and community participation in the conceptualization of her firm’s projects, thereby ensuring their longevity with the help of an informed public.

In her Current Work lecture titled “Recalibrating the City: Advocacy by Design,” Lehrer discusses several Los Angeles-based projects that address challenges at various scales—from a monumental undertaking to revitalize the concrete laden Los Angeles River to community park projects that invite spontaneous shared uses.

Within this discussion, Lehrer talks about how she works within alternative channels of influence, like those of non-profit community organizations, to design public spaces, that are sensitive to existing natural systems.

Video Credits:

Current Work – Architectural League of New York
Mia Lehrer | Mia Lehrer + Associates
Recorded: February 16, 2016


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