Milan’s new Museum of Culture – ‘a museum of horrors’

Milan's new Museum of Culture - 'a museum of horrors'
An installation at Milan’s Museum of Culture, previewed ahead of its opening on 26 April

The architect David Chipperfield is at the centre of an extraordinary row over Milan’s new €60m (£44m) Museum of Culture, a building he has designed and now disowned after accusing officials of skimping on flooring materials.

The resulting “floor war” – as locals have dubbed the stand off – has led the British architect, famous for the Neues Museum in Berlin and China’s Liangzhu Culture Museum, to demand that his name be removed from the project.

Mr Chipperfield, whose firm has offices in Milan, Berlin and Shanghai as well as London, told a press conference that “the laying of stone of poor quality” had transformed the building into “a museum of horrors,” and that it amounted to “a pathetic end to 15 years of work”.

The opening of the new Milan institution, on 26 April, has been designed to coincide with the city’s imminent 2015 Expo World Fair. The Fair is facing troubles of its own, amid corruption scandals and claims that the show site may not be completed before its official May opening. []