Modalities of the Spontaneous

Modalities of the Spontaneous

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‘’Alper Derinboğaz’s project delivers a new way to read the stratification of Istanbul in terms of social and physical thresholds, economic developments and traces of memory on the banks of the ridge extending from Taksim to Levent; a bold attempt to decipher the codes of evolutionary character of Istanbul’s urbanization adventure.’’

Modalities of the Spontaneous are exhibiting in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition at Pavilion of Turkey. As an interpretation of Istanbul’s development and future speculations Alper Derinbogaz presents 5 reliefs that produce different types of cartographies in correlation. They propose specific readings of the urban history, today’s spontaneous urban fabric.

Project Details:
Modalities of the Spontaneous: Alper Derinbogaz
Animation: Candas Şişman
Sound Desgin: Harun Iyicil ve Ferit Ozguner


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