Moon Hoon’s Fantastical, Mind-Bending Art and Architecture

Moon Hoon’s Fantastical, Mind-Bending Art and Architecture

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Moon hoon’s fantastical, mind-bending art and architecture
Saturday Seoul from 2014 Venice Biennale

Anyone interested in the transporting power of architectural illustration should get on a plane to Chicago to see Doodle Constructivism, the installation of drawings by Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon at the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Hoon, who is based in Seoul’s Gangnam district (yes, that Gangnam), creates fantastical, stunningly detailed images whose wild creativity bring to mind, among other things, 1960s Radical Futurism, Russian Constructivism, and Transformers.

They stem, says Hoon, from a lifetime of obsessive doodling, and an ability to be inspired by life’s most mundane offerings. Just the other day, he says, his creativity was triggered by a tray of delivery food that looked like a hat. Other sources of inspiration have included cars, planes, warships, Japanese animation, Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks, and watching movies backwards. […]

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