A new green eco-friendly home in Malaysia

Times have changed. There’s something important we should know and that’s the need to make the world a better place. Sustainable architecture has come to stay, and there are new architectural solutions everywhere. This concept of ecological housing tries to use renewable energies for the maintenance of the home and producing the minimum waste.

A new green eco-friendly home in malaysia
An eco-friendly home in Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Green trends have come to Asia, and Malaysia is not far behind. Since the Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC) and Malaysia Green Building Index (MGBI), the progress towards a sustainable way of living has become more evident. Ecological housing comes true in this country. More and more residential buildings opt for an eco-friendly style. The demand has grown and there’s a lot of people who claim for a sustainable housing model.

Due to the needs of a growing population, houses will become smaller and smarter. It means less maintenance costs and a better use of the space. Acording to this, Malaysia has developed its first zero-energy, carbon neutral and eco-living house. The name of the project is GreenMan Tiny Home, and it provides eco-responsive houses that are mobile, affordable and convenient. Tiny Home demonstrates that a house can be sustainable, beautiful and trendy but also cheap and small.

The idea comes from Matthias ‘GreenMan’ Gelber and ‘Green Professor’ Paul D’Arcy. They have worked with other local experts and sponsors to create this fantastic piece of design and architecture. Made from sustainable materials, GreenMan Tiny Home generates zero grid energy, it doesn’t need any power supply, not even water, because it works by itself. The house uses biodegradable products, it has got its own waste management and water conservation system. Everything that a person needs but in a minimum space. The small dimensions (it fits in a normal parking space), allow it to be located anywhere. These innovations remind us that it’s possible to cause important changes. The peculiar home proves that a greener future is possible.

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