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Still movement, transparency, color play and pattern experimentation. A few words that might be used by an amateur art enthusiast to express the journey though the artistic process showcased in Beijing by Wu Guanzhen. Every artwork seems to dominate its space,...
40 Bleecker -- NoHo's newest and most anticipated luxury residential development -- has just reached its full height, this making it in its neighborhood one of the tallest buildings. To celebrate, developer Broad Street Development, NYC-based firm Rawlings Architects...
Architecture The Common Ground

Architecture | The Common Ground

Memory is an international architecture competition that urged participants to develop an architectural proposal that spoke for Syria's people on ground. It was based on the following objectives, A. Creating a memory infused architecture with a B. Function by the C. Citizens of...
When there is a focus on a particular field with an increased demand for its products, there's bound to be more research and technological development to improve the quality. Similarly, the solar sector has gone through a rampant shift with...
The Impact Of Coronavirus On Property Markets

The Impact Of Coronavirus On Property Markets

The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought drastic changes in our lifestyles and mindset. With markets and businesses bearing the brunt of its impact, there has been a decline in the global economy. Among the many affected sectors,...
The most important part of working from home is having a home to work from! So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that buying a house is in vogue in 2022 – some are even describing it as the new...
Venice is a city that gives us a view of the past but at the same time it can show us a glimpse of the future. Its particular conditions generated a whole new type of city that has managed to sustain urban life in the most unique way

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SCube / AGi architects

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