NEZZT wins competition ‘Liberated living, your ideal tiny house in Almere’

NEZZT wins competition ‘Liberated living, your ideal tiny house in Almere’

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Nezzt wins competition ‘liberated living, your ideal tiny house in almere’

Tiny Housing is everywhere. The enthusiasm for this phenomenon has grown strongly lately. In February, the city of Almere – in collaboration with Het Woningbouwatelier – organised a competition, aimed at new ideas related to housing. NEZZT entered.

Worldwide, the Tiny House Movement makes out a case for a different type of house than usual. It is not important to have a big house; Tiny House focuses on efficient housing. Affordability, sustainability, a unique character and a form of ‘liberated living’ are its main principles. The movement began in the US, but it already has many sympathisers in the Netherlands as well.

A collective of knowledge and experience

‘Living spaciously in a small place’ is a NEZZT (DEMEEUW, diederendirrix architecture & urban development and C-twee) production. On this principle they presented a shared vision: small is nice. Especially when you can live spaciously in a small place. With comfort, unique quality and a personal interior. Compact and highly efficient. Sustainable and energy efficient because of advanced technology.

Small, smaller, smallest. This is the essence of the changing construction and housing needs. You can see it all around you. Families are getting smaller and the number of singles is growing steadily. Furthermore, an increasing generation attaches value to another way of life. Not to live life by the principles of obligation, responsibility and possession, but in total freedom. This matters.

The design

‘Living spaciously in a small place’ is based on one unique idea: a multifunctional base with a fixed square format of 30m2. With an interior that adapts the house to the desired space in less than no time. 30m2 is a perfect base for eating, relaxing, partying or meeting. More than that: the interior continuously adapts to the daily-changing needs. This way, the house will be used to its full potential daily.

There are plenty of possibilities to fulfill living needs. For clever, flexible wall units can be used for different living scenarios. With one simple move, the living room becomes a bedroom, a dining room, a party room or a cinema. A space the way you want it, when you want it.

The linked façade panels refer to the characteristic crops and subdivided fields of Flevoland province. Each field with its own use and character in the different seasons. Likewise, the cluster that moves with the various moments of the day. The use of its residents determines how it is experienced from the inside and the outside.


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