Nordstrom Tower/217 West 57th Street – New York City’s Tallest Building

Nordstrom Tower/217 West 57th Street - New York City’s Tallest Building

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Diagrams show nordstrom tower/217 west 57th street will stand 1,795 feet tall, becoming new york city’s tallest building

The current race to the top of the skyline is the most impressive in New York City’s history, with ever-taller skyscrapers sprouting from the Financial District all the way to 57th Street. And YIMBY has now learned that 217 West 57th Street, aka the Nordstrom Tower, received a height boost between April and June of last year, pushing the tower’s pinnacle to 1,795 feet. That will make it the tallest building in New York City, the United States, and the Western Hemisphere.

While the spire was only increased 20 feet, the difference is significant because the old plans were just one foot shy of One World Trade Center’s beacon, which stands 1,776′ tall. The boost to the Nordstrom Tower’s parapet was more significant, and it rose from 1,478’10″ to 1,530′, which will further bolster the tower’s profile on the already-enormous Midtown skyline.

Extell’s extreme secrecy regarding the project helps explain the discrepancy in the plans, and Smith + Gill’s involvement should have also been foretelling of the increase. The height of the firm’s largest completed project to date, the Burj Khalifa, remained a secret until it had been completed, and the final height of the Kingdom Tower, currently under construction, is still unknown. []



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