12 Nouveau Concepts for the Modern Home


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    Nouveau is a style of art that focuses on simple patterns, curved lines, and elements of nature. These elements are often worked in together to form beautiful patterns, ranging from the simple to the complex. Many people choose to use this style when decorating their homes, and the results can be quite striking. Below are some great ways that nouveau elements have been introduced into home designs.


    Art Nouveau Inspired Wall Patterns

    One way to give your home a more modern look is through nouveau concepts on your walls. This typically takes the form of wallpaper patterns, all though you could also use paint. These patterns tend to invoke nature themes, with muted colors. There is a wide variety of ways you could go with your Art Nouveau walls, with the following three being just a few examples:

    Haunted mansion foyer by louiemantia d5rhgic

    • Haunted Mansion Foyer – This design uses flowers and leaves in a gold and blue color scheme, to give your home a modern, yet classic, look.Tumblr mn9v8zfstg1rdwlp0o1 1280
    • Orange Poppies – Another design that uses flowers, this type in more of an autumn look. Would look great in a room with wooden furniture.Diva wallpaper
    • Diva Wallpaper – This design forgoes the use of flowers, and instead opts for a simple repeating design, in a muted gray color. Can work in a wide variety of rooms.


    Using Nouveau Concepts On Your Floors

    Another way introducing nouveau concepts into your home is through the floors. While you can do something like installing hardwood floors- which will look just fine with other nouveau decor – you could opt for a design within the floor itself. This is typically done through colored tiling, and the finished products can be quite stunning. Here are just a few examples:


    • Circular Tile Pattern – As you can see in this image, the use of colored tiles adds an entirely new element to this room, and goes perfectly with the spiral staircase.


    • Simple Brown Tile – This design is simpler, with the floor mostly being tan, square tiles. However there is some small designs worked into the tiles, which adds just enough detail to the room.

    • Blue-Patterned Bathroom Tile – Lastly, the tile seen in this picture goes perfectly with this nouveau bathroom. The room just wouldn’t be the same with standard, single-colored tile.

    Adding In Nouveau Decor

    The easiest way to add nouveau concepts to your home is through the decor. This doesn’t require you to repaint the walls, or to install new floor tiles. Instead you can simply purchase some new decorations or furniture, and place them where you see fit. Nouveau decor can also help bring a room together that has other nouveau elements.


    • Simple Black Dining Area – This set of table and chairs perfectly uses nouveau concepts – simple lines and curves – and gives this room a unique style.


    • Wooden Furniture Set – This whole picture features nouveau concepts – from the rounded furniture, to the designs in the fireplace, to the picture frame hanging above it. You can also notice the elements in the lamp, and the rug, showing you don’t need to make big changes to add nouveau concepts to your home.


    • Indoor Wooden Swing and Furniture – In this third example, you can definitely feel the influence of nature, a hallmark of nouveau concepts. The furniture is made out of a light wood, the swing is rounded, and even the pillows have nature elements on them.


    Using Nouveau Concepts Outside

    Finally, nouveau concepts are not limited to the indoors. Home owners who want outdoor nouveau concepts can use them in their gardens, their walkways, or even on your roof. There are plenty of things you can do to your outdoor space, as shown in these three examples.

    Kensington1 1

    • Black Tiled Roof – For nouveau roofs, it is really all about the tiling patterns. There’s only so much you can do, but that doesn’t mean the finished result won’t look great, as evidenced in this picture. According to this LA based roofer, roofing tiles can “provide great aesthetics on a number of different architectural designs.”


    • Outdoor Garden Tiles – Here is a great example of introducing nouveau concepts into the tiles around your garden.

    • Water Fountain – Finally, this elegant fountain would look great in any garden.


    As you can see, there are plenty of ways to introduce nouveau concepts into your home. Doing so can give that area an entirely new look, and you are sure to be happy with the finished results. What do you think ?


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