Nowness presents: A Concrete Life by Charles Derenne

Nowness presents: A Concrete Life by Charles Derenne

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A Concrete Life is Charles Derenne’s stunning ode to the architecture of Paris and Île de France, soundtracked by the project Derenne: 1982

In his latest video Parisian musician Charles Derenne directed a stunning ode to architecture of their home city. Here, Derenne talks about the music-led collaboration, which is soundtracked by his project Derenne: 1982:

“This film is an ode to architecture. As a child tries to sublimate the places of his adolescence, I wanted to transcribe the places of his youth, like Beaugrenelle, the tower of the new world and it’s own hieroglyphs, in a deserted Paris and suburb.

The original soundtrack comes from my musical project of Derenne: 1982. This video is a journey through time, an architectural shock aimed at questioning the public on their own visual memory. A fairly healthy way of reconsidering places of life inhabited.”



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