Solar Umbrella / Brooks + Scarpa

Nestled amidst a neighborhood of single story bungalows in Venice, California, the Solar Umbrella Residence boldly establishes a precedent for the next generation of California modernist architecture.

Tree House / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Sited in the bush fringe of Separation Creek Victoria, the project is perched on a steep forested hillside above the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait.

Klein Bottle House / McBride Charles Ryan

The Klein bottle is a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians. Klein bottle, mobius strips, boy surfaces, unique surfaces that while they may be distorted remain topologically the same.

On the corner / Eastern Design Office

A castle where the boys and girls of the story of Michael Ende could be entering. It is a triangular building configured by the square elements!

Z5 / Agence Christophe GULIZZI

The site is an asparagus field between the Luynes Prison and the American Cemetery on the edge of the industrial estates of Milles, near Aix en Provence.

Roundles / h2architecture

The new pool house nestles down into a saddle of land to the south of the old farmhouse, and replaces a group of single- storey agricultural buildings.

Maison L / Christian Pottgiesser Architecturespossibles

Less than half an hour's drive west from Paris city center is located the site of roughly 5000 m2. The rather flat ground slightly tilts to the north, just before the general topography drops abruptly to the river Seine.

Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space / Foster and Partners

The Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space, a combined terminal and hangar facility, will support up to two WhiteKnightTwo and five SpaceShipTwo vehicles.

See-through Church / Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, a collaboration between two young Belgian architects have built a see-through church in the Belgian region of Haspengouw. The church is a part of the Z-OUT project of Z33, house for contemporary art based in Hasselt, Belgium.

Ianus & Iana / dagli atelier d’architecture

IANUS & IANA are two apartment buildings in Steinsel, in the northern outskirts of Luxembourg-City, with a total of 30 apartments.

Mercer / Vibe Design Group

The client’s purchased an existing run-down home with the intention of transforming it into a striking contemporary styled residence.

Ílhavo City Library / ARX PORTUGAL

Ílhavo City Library is located in the remains of the Manor Visconde de Almeida, a noble house from the 17th-18th century, later transformed and demolished. From the original building only the main façade, oriented southeast, and the chapel, both in ruins, were left.

CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) / BROOKS SCARPA & CLEARSCAPES

Located in Raleigh’s revitalizing Historic Depot District, an unlikely butterfly has emerged from its decades-long cocoon. The historic 1910 two-story brick structure built for Allen Forge & Welding Company and enlarged around 1927 for the Brogden Produce Company — and more recently home to longtime occupant Cal-Tone Paints — has emerged from its asbestos clad sheathing into a new incarnation as the home of Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum (CAM).

Ponce House / Coutiño & Ponce Architects

Ponce House is located in a plot of approximately 7.41 acres and it is part of a group of buildings that make up “Quinta Mamá Ali,” which will include four houses, pool area with "palapa", a small chapel, a playground and a ballroom.

Headquarters of the New Film Theatre of Catalonia / Mateo Arquitectura

The ruins mark the structure of the buildings. The Roman forum formalizes the plane of foundations and drains. In the old town, my building sets out to express itself as pure structure—no cladding, no finishes.

NIK Office Building / Atelier Thomas Pucher

The building stands on a property, which was initially a boathouse at the river` Mur´ (back then an unregulated river course ) four centuries ago.

Nordbahnhof / Synn Architekten

Housing for young people must meet three conditions: It must be affordable, should respond flexibly to changing situations and offer generous interior and exterior spaces for communication.

RG HOUSE / Estudio Arquitectura Hago

The main reason that unleashes any architectural proposal is the client. His needs and questions provide the project with some ideas that will be present in any space of the building.

Keyhole House / Eastern design office

A key to open “my house”, which is standing along a narrow street of a crowded town, is designed as a key itself on the façade of this house. ..

Small House In An Olive Grove / Cooper Joseph Studio

This agricultural property in Sonoma is owned by two scientists. The husband often works inside, but also prefers alternative work locations where for his laptop computer. The wife is involved with a number of agricultural projects..