Digital Grotesque – Printing Architecture

Digital Grotesque is the first fully immersive, solid, human-scale, enclosed structure that is entirely 3D printed out of sand.

Eero Saarinen’s Bell Labs, Now Devoid of Life

At its peak, thousands passed through its massive, light-filled atrium. Today, Bell Labs Holmdel stands empty, all of its 1.9-million-square-feet utterly without life.

Pied a Terre / 8A Architects

The assignment involves the transformation of a labourer's house into a 'pied a terre' in Leiden for a Dutch family living in Paris.

Serious Request / studio_GAON

Around Christmas in 2013, studio_Gaon donated a design to 'Serious Request', which is a program held by the Korea National Red Cross.

Sound for a Building by Zachary Eastwood Bloom

For Studio Manifold's residency at the Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, in Elephant & Castle, London, Zachary worked with Sapphire Goss and Elwin Hendrijanto to explore architecture in sound.

ALLEY / Apollo Architects

A client for a house, of which I designed and supervised eight years ago, got married and bought a small lot near Tokyo Skytree.

Radical bourgeois architects in the age of reason and revolution

In honor of the Platypus Affiliated Society’s Radical Bourgeois Philosophy summer reading group, I thought I would devote a blog entry to the celebration of radical bourgeois architecture

Hustadvika Tools / Rever & Drage Architects

This small but multifunctional building was designed and constructed, both as an answer to the clients need for a wind-and-rain shelter at their outdoor summer house-piazza.

The Open-Office Trap

The open office was originally conceived by a team from Hamburg, Germany, in the nineteen-fifties, to facilitate communication and idea flow.

Louis Kahn and the Commodores

In 1972 Louis Kahn travelled to London to receive the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture. What is not commonly known is that the next day he travelled to Manchester..

10 Hanover Street / Squire and Partners

Squire and Partners has completed a slender apartment building on London’s Hanover Street, featuring full height bespoke perforated shutters.

Adaptable architecture

From container cities to floating houses, how dynamic architecture following Archigram's blueprint can enhance you life

Casa K / PENA architecture

The former Kralings Museum at the Hoflaan has been transformed starting in 2010 into a luxury apartment building.

11 Delightfully Absurd Architectural Drawings

Josh lewandowski has been doodling architectural nonsense almost every day since september, "just 'cause."

Parede 11 / Humberto Conde

The project aims to develop a single house located in the centre of Parede, Cascais, in a site characterized as Historical Urban Space.

Interview: Yung Ho Chang – Atelier FCJZ

TCA Think Tank talks to Yung Ho Chang of Atelier FCJZ about Beijing..

Fairy Tale Architecture: The Juniper Tree

A story that reveals the apocalyptic leaning of many fairy tales, “The Juniper Tree” has an exquisite narrative shape.

Beyond The Hill / acaa

A Gallery in the Center Creating Communications and Connecting the House and Community.

Nursery in La Panoleta / Antonio Blanco Montero

The decision of building a nursery in this area tries to solve the historical lack of such services.

Shanghai West Bund Biennial / Schmidt Hammer Lassen

The contribution of schmidt hammer lassen architects to the 2013 Shanghai West Bund Biennial, consists of an art installation pavilion, The Cloud, and a composition of pavilions