Social housing in Carabanchel / dosmasuno arquitectos

Despite the guidelines drawn on the plots, places need to express their own personality, to arise naturally, to construct themselves.

MP09 Headquarter / GS Architects

An architectonic punctuation at an exposed site of the city - a new and distinctive Entree to the city - a future oriented potential for development for the whole area.

EDF Archives Centre Bure / LAN Architecture

Within the framework of the Meuse and Haute Marne economic support programme, EDF has decided to centralise all its intermediary Engineering Production Management archives in Bure.

Housing for the Fishermen of Tyre / Hashim Sarkis Studios

The fishermen’s community of Tyre, a city of 25,000 residents on the southern coast of Lebanon, has been suffering from a housing shortage and overcrowding.

Black Pearl / Zecc Architects

The construction of a Rotterdam house has degenerated in an architectonic spectacle, in which is experimented with time and space.

Casa Materka / T3arc

T3arc built this house around a piano whose sound had to be contained. It is a house that seems in constant motion by light. ....

Social housing tower in Plaza Europa / Roldan + Berengué, arqts

The tower E.I.O.5 is a project of social housing promoted by INCASOL and it is located in a new central zone known as Plaça Europa (Europa Square).

Chapel of St.Lawrence / Avanto Architects Ltd

The Vantaa Parish Union held an open architectural competition in the spring of 2003 for the design of a new chapel in the vicinity of the historic Church of St. Lawrence.

KMM3 / ISSHO Architects

By introducing an intermediary space at a window between inside and outside, this is 9 units apartment building in Tokyo.

COOP Bank / amsa

Project meant to create a public venue, offering the neighboring communities a meeting area, an assembly hall, possibilities for lectures and exhibitions and a small cafe.


Reinvesting the docks of Lyon on the river side and its industrial patrimony, bringing together architecture and a cultural and commercial program.

House I / Yoshichika Takagi

The site is in the centre of Akita City where urban functions are situated. Despite its urban location, this is a special place as it is surrounded by car parks.

Extension of Lycée Alphonse Daudet / Christophe Gulizzi Architect

The double extension of the Alphonse Daudet Lycée in Tarascon raises the question of responsibility when building on a remarkable site...

Residenza del forte Carlo Felice / Archea Associati

The hotel complex built on the island of La Maddalena in anticipation of the G8 summit in July 2009, includes an extensive environmental rehabilitation project that affects the transformation of the military ex-hospital building.

The Shingle House / NORD Architecture & Living Architecture

The Shingle House replaces a dilapidated fisherman’s cottage at Dungeness in Kent. The cottage was known locally as The Smokery..

Skycourt / Keiji Ashizawa Design

SKYCOURT is an ambitious renovation project that involved transforming a Japan bubble era house into a modern home connected to the city and the sunlight.

House Meijer / Van der Jeugd Architecten

Modest in situ cast-concrete house in Almelo. Striking are the strategically positioned wall and roof openings..


Initially planned as a holiday house, at the end of the design process - socially active family’s living house complex at the River Venta near Kuldiga.

House in Zellerndorf / Franz Architekten

The site is located in a settlement of detached single-family houses, characteristic for the 1970s.

Maritime Youth House / JDS Architects

..instead of using 1/4 of the project's budget, originally allocated to clean the polluted soil of the site, JDS lay out a wooden deck on the entirety of the site.