Lessons from Don Draper to Planners

Aside from inspiring a classy wardrobe, what can urban planners learn from characters like Don Draper and Peggy Olson?

This $170M Davos Hotel Keeps Rich and Powerful Super Safe

Enveloped by 790 gold-colored undulating bands of steel and overlooking Lake Davos, the new Intercontinental Davos is an architectural stunner.

Apartment building on Passatge Marimon / Mateo Architects

This three-storey row house was built on Passatge Marimon in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, with a direct view from the main thoroughfare of Avinguda Diagonal.

Function Follow Forms: How Berlin Turns Horror into Beauty

A former Nazi bunker and communist power plant transformed into iconic monuments of 'underground culture'. Berlin can help us understand today's power of architecture ..

A Kabbalah for Architects?

Two New Books Posit a Uniquely Jewish Theory of Building..

At the double

It seems there’s no stopping the dynamic, imaginative duo that is Carmody Groarke, architect of the RIBA’s new London Gallery.

Jaarbeurs Supernova / Liong Lie Architects

Supernova is a conference area within the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the largest fair and conference centre of The Netherlands.

Building in empty spaces – 1959

Today, in many places, houses look as if they were ready to travel. Although they are unadorned, or precisely because of that, they express their farewell.

Architect Rem Koolhaas’s Protégés

The Dutch architect has mentored dozens of talented designers at his Rotterdam studio, OMA.

MUK / ma hoRe

The primal need of the client was to combine both his dwelling house and his physical therapist´s practice in one building in Salzburg.

Vana / Orproject

Orproject developed a series of algorithms that digitally generate open and closed venation patterns..

Thom Mayne on the Cooper Union Building

Thom Mayne’s iconic building shines like a diamond in the rough. In this interview Mayne explains this building ”located at the end of the 20th century.”

The Open-Office Backlash

Despite criticism, open workspaces are still the smartest solution.

The Photographer’s House / T2.a Architects

Architect Bence Turanyi and photographer Zsolt Batar decided to get together and design an extraordinary house in a forest.

Hackable buildings: Shawn Gehle at TEDxVeniceBeach

Is the key to building the sustainable building of the future actually not building a new building at all but instead taking our existing infrastructure and hacking it to fit contemporary and future needs?

Sensing Spaces indulges architecture’s vaulting ambition

What would buildings look like if their creators didn't have to worry about annoying things like planning, budgets, climate and clients?

Ankara’s Iron Cage

An instant ruin was conceived in Ankara in 2005, to be left idle in 2008 and torn down in 2012.

Inside out: why do so many great buildings have drab interiors?

Once you progress beyond the public circulation zones to reach the office tenancy spaces of the Gherkin, you will find uninspiring interior environments lacking the grandeur created by the exterior.

‘Selling the Dwelling’: ‘The Books That Built America’s Houses, 1775-2000’

A cover illustration for a 1940s textiles catalog pictures Mom, Dad and their preteen son gazing reverently upon their white clapboard home.

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Repetition takes place in time and space. But the same may be said of everything aesthetic, architectural or otherwise.