Flower House / Paul Kaloustian

This project is designed for an art collector as a secondary house in the mountain. The client requested a house where he would disconnect from his busy lifestyle in the city.

Sleeping in a Sustainable and Itinerant Sculpture

“Shelter ByGG”, a project signed by Gabriela Gomes brings out to public space a sculptural object that can be used as a living space.

Civil Aviation Authority HQ / Space Group Architects

BUILDING a new headquarter for Luftfartstilsynet is a challenge in creating a place for an uprooted organization, transplanted from Oslo to Bodø, and in doing so, BUILDING a new office CULTURE.

Caught Mapping (1940)

Caught Mapping, a 1940 educational film from Chevrolet on how road maps are drawn, field-checked and printed.

House in Mexilhoeira-Grande / Marco Arraiolos

The house, with a required implementation polygon defined in a development plan, is inserted in a batch of reduced dimensions....

House in Piedra Roja / Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados

The order is an individual house for a young family, located in a developing suburban area in the north of Santiago/Chile, with an arid Mediterranean climate.

Palo Verde Apartments / Gonzalez Goodale Architects

Palo Verde provides 60 studio units of permanent supportive housing for previously homeless single adults living with mental illness.

Auditorium Plantahof / Valerio Olgiati architect

...placement of the new auditorium creates a new central square within the overall structure of the Plantahof agriculture school..


A couple of stone’s throws away from the Gare de Lyon in Paris, whose business district was designed in the 1960s and 1970s by the architect Louis Arretche, lies the Villiot-Rappée block, which is directly connected to the Seine and predominantly residential.

Orange Grove / BROOKS + SCARPA

Located in a neighborhood characterized by traditional bungalow style single-family residences, Orange Grove is a new landmark for the City of West Hollywood.

Liz Diller – A giant bubble for debate

How do you make a great public space inside a not-so-great building?

70°Sud project / LAN Architecture

This project, for which the competition occurred in 2008, is the result of a complex transformation process in the city along with a precise economic context.

Soe Ker Tie House / TYIN tegnestue Architects

The main driving force behind the Soe Ker Tie House was to provide the children with their own private space, a place that they could call home ...

Level Apartment / OFIS arhitekti

The project is the renovation of an apartment contained within an art nouveau building originally designed and built in 1902 (architect C.M. Koch).

Private Atelier – one working space / Valerio Olgiati architect

The Bardill Studio building has replaced an old barn in the protected centre of the village of Scharans, Switzerland.

House in Juso / ARX Portugal + Stefano Riva

A small house in the vicinity of Aldeia de Juso, Portugal.

Modern Houseboats in the Netherlands

Dutch architect Marlies Rohmer has taken the traditional houseboat as a model and brought it into the 21st century creating a new whole new neighbourhood on the water.

B5 Building for Rcs Mediagroup / Barreca & La Varra

In the north-eastern outskirts of Milan, as part of the restructuring of the former industrial core that houses the RCS Mediagroup, the new office building B5 designed by Barreca & La Varra studio has just been completed.

TEDx Toulouse / Overdose: OMA’s Clement Blanchet

In a 2012 TEDx Toulouse presentation, OMA's associate and director of French projects Clement Blanchet talked about the proliferation of pressures and pieties that are threatning to eliminate its intrinsic values

Minka, a documentary movie about an old farmhouse in Japan

A film about place and memory, a farmhouse in Japan, and the lives of the people who called it home.