1/2 Stadium / Interval Architects

The project calls for an intervention of the existing sport ground in a public school of Beijing.

Unaffordable cities: this criminal lack of housing is a global scandal

A basic lack of homes is taking a terrible urban toll – affordability is social justice. Our only choice is to build, build, build.

Architectural Drawings From the World’s Greatest Architects

Throughout the 20th century, architects more often used pen and pencil sketches, drawings, paintings, collage, and other media ..

The Brits who built the modern world

The outstanding generation of 1930s-born British architects led by Richard Rogers and Norman Foster are celebrated in a new TV series and RIBA exhibition

Pavilions Wonderryck Natura Docet / Studio Makkink & Bey

The design of three wooden pavilions in the new landscape garden for Wonderryck, is part of the Provincial Museum of Natural History Natura Docet in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Arab Women in Architecture

"Arab Women in Architecture" is a documentary that features stories on the experiences, challenges, and achievements of Arab women architects.

Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam (1926-1930)

Between 1926 and 1930, Johannes Andreas Brinkman and Leendert van der Vlugt realized their most prestigious work, the van Nelle factory in Rotterdam..

The Human Scale

50% of the world's population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will increase to 80%. Life in a mega city is both enchanting and problematic.

Healthy cities: How can architects and planners get us moving..

In future, our buildings will have to be more holistic and less about architects' egos..

Rhapsody in White / at26

The flat is located at the top of block of flats dating back to 1920´s and it is situated close to the Center of the Capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.

Building a University – How 5 California Schools Approach Campus Design

How do universities build identity? How much of a school's identity is bound up with its academic achievements..

Tokyo – In Motion

A surreal look at the streets of Tokyo, Japan. This effect was created by blending frames of video together to simulate exposure times longer than actually possible..

A Necessary Incompleteness

You find examples of this typology all around the world - buildings and structures that are inhabited even though their construction is not complete.

Vivienda Unifamiliar / Bernardini Arquitectos

The project arises from the consideration of the specific character of holiday life and the Balearic islands’ gentle climate.

Two Minute Overview on Design Computation

Take two minutes to hear NBBJ specialist Andrew Heumann explain how we can use design computation to get the best view from your desk!

Europan 6 Vienna Housing / PPAG architects

“stadt-land-schafft” was the title of the winning project in the Europan 6 competition in 2001. After twelve years of development, the building is now set to be handed over to its occupants.

What Ancient Cities can teach us

A study at a US university is the latest to use ancient cities to mine secrets for today's urban centers.

PAPYRUS Glasses Shop / Archi@Mosphere

When buying eyewear, people consider their eyesight along with the design that can best express their image.

Video // Yale’s Edward P. Evans Hall – construction time-lapse

Design by Foster & Partners, the Edward P. Evans Hall combines world-class teaching facilities with inspirational social spaces.

Plonerloft / ma hoRe

ma hoRe architects were appointed to develop the design for the extension of a building in Innsbruck, Austria that consists of office spaces and apartments.