Extension of Nya Nordiska / STAAB ARCHITEKTEN

A company extension project in the historical old town of Dannenberg. Germany.

Nanjing Performing Arts Center / Preston Scott Cohen

This proposal for a Student Center, located centrally in the master plan for the new Nanjing University in Xianlin.

4houses LCC / Gaeta Springall arquitectos

The concept is materialized by two vertical towers of five and a half levels supported by four points...

Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects

Nestled within the undulated roofline of one of Fitzroy’s famed MacRobertson warehouses, sits a roof terrace with a difference - complete with canopy and turf.

Seafront of Benidorm / CARLOS FERRATER – XAVIER MARTÍ GALÍ –...

Benidorm is perhaps the singlemost paradigmatic Spanish city of the massive industry of leisure and tourism,....

Monash Center for Electron Microscopy / Architectus

Laboratories and research facilities with a human context and dimension are rare commodities...

Center of technical services of la Grande Motte City / N+B...

The project is part of a deep respect of the present natural elements while offering a determinedly contemporary image allowing a revival this site

Samitaur Tower / Eric Owen Moss Architects

The Samitaur Tower is an information tower, constructed at the corner of Hayden Avenue & National Boulevard immediately across from the new Expo light rail...

Korora / Daniel Marshall Architects

A ridge stretching between the Hauraki Gulf and the pastoral landscape of Waiheke Island provided a stunning, and challenging, context in which to design a home.

Rafael Arozarena High School / AMP arquitectos

The building is set on a plot of land that is very close to the historic town centre of La Orotava .....

Erich Sattler Winery / Architects Collective

The Erich Sattler Winery is located in the village of Tadten, a typical village in the Austrian wine region of Burgenland.

Tenerife South Conference Center / AMP Arquitectos

The Adeje Coast Convention Centre on Tenerife has to coexist with a difficult environment due to the proximity of the South Tenerife motorway.

Black House / Bakers Architecten

The ‘Het Zwarte Huis’ , a complex containing six apartments with semi-underground parking and the new premises of Bakers Architecten.

Mellat Park Cineplex / Fluid Motion Consulting Architects

The Mellat Park Cineplex project in Tehran is located in the far southwest side of Mellat Park.

Besiktas Fish Market / GAD

Located in one of Istanbul’s most populated and diverse neighborhoods, Besiktas is an eclectic area with a village-like atmosphere that is in the process of urban renewal. The Besiktas Fish Market is located on a triangular site.

Exploded House / GAD

Multiple buildings connect to form one modern home in the hillside of Bodrum, Turkey.

Scandinavian Golf Club / Henning Larsen Architects

The architectural vision has been to bridge the gap between the traditional American golf club and the functional architecture of Scandinavia.

The East Harlem School / Peter Gluck and Partners Architects

East Harlem, New York is a community beset by poverty and its attendant ills of early high school withdrawal, violent crime, teen pregnancy, and drug abuse....

Cape Russell Retreat / Sanders Pace Architecture

An off-the-grid lakeside pavilion with integrated water reclamation and photovoltaic technology for weekend use.

The Lightcatcher at the Whatcom Museum / Olson Kundig Architects

“the lightcatcher,” conceived as a focal point that will become a new gathering place for the city