Arizona State University / Ehrlich Architects

Located in downtown Phoenix, the new six-story, 225,000 sq. ft., 110-foot tall building has become an integral part of the fabric of ASU’s energizing downtown campus

House on mountainside / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Located in a landscape of unique beauty, the result of a natural and evident growth.....

Balmain house Exterior / Carter Williamson

The brief was to bring light into our clients’ home and their lives. Their old home was Victorian, dark and periodically tight and depressing....

Energy Flex House / Henning Larsen Architects

a multiflexible R&D and demonstration building in Taastrup, Denmark

SANICHAUFER Office / dagli + atélier d’architecture

"roof top office" Dudelange is the extension of the company headquarters of Sanichaufer. Sanichaufer is one of the biggest Luxemburg-based firms in building services engineering.

MUMMY Mountain Residence / Chen + Suchart Studio

The project proposes an architecture that responds to the inherent qualities of the site, privileged views, and the larger context of the Sonoran Desert.

Villa Alta / Johannes Norlander Arkitektur AB

The property is situated in the town Älta, a few kilometres south of Stockholm. The house is located on a hilly site with relatively limited building rights.

FLOW / APOLLO Architects & Associates

A "two-generation" house located near the sea. The owner requested a garage for two cars and a house that allows for light and air to pour in to let the family relax while also securing privacy.

Sobrino House / A4estudio

where all the living uses and human relations are possible: relax, shelter, contemplation and work.

Merricks north house / Wood Marsh Architects

The building arcs gently across the landscape, following the contours of the land and framing views to the ocean.

Seabird Island School / Patkau Architects

The Seabird Island Band believes that the first purpose of their educational program is to foster the aboriginal culture of the Salish people of the pacific Northwest

The Waterhouse / Neri & Hu Design and Research Office

Located by the new Cool Docks development on the South Bund District of Shanghai..

FUKOKU Tower / Dominique Perrault Architecture

This tower project for the Fukoku insurance company takes inspiration from the profile of a gigantic tree whose roots proliferate on the surface of the ground

Victoria University, On-line Training Centre / Lyons

located between a grassland and an established university campus...

The Actelion Business Center / Herzog & de Meuron

The Actelion Business Center is the heart of the Actelion center in Allschwil, Switzerland. It offers 350 offices for employees from central functions.

Private House in Menorca / Pablo Serrano Elorduy

Inspired by the typical Menorca "tanca", stone walls divisions of the realm. ..


Located on the top of a rocky hill at the outermost coast of Fosen countryside ...

Sosnowski Residence / Chen + Suchart Studio, LLC

Sited in a 1950's era dense neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona, the Sosnowski Residence takes the form of a courtyard house ..

Pinnacle @ Duxton / ARC Studio Architecture + Urbanism

Soaring at 50-storeys, The Pinnacle @ Duxton redefines high-rise high-density living ....

Green Mountain / mA-style

mA-style designed this residence for a famous Kendo-family in Makinohara City