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The project called “Parking & More” is a public facility and mixed use structure for parking and a variety of public and private programs. The new concrete structure will be placed over the existing standard steel parking lot. The current building will be renovated and fully integrated into a new and much larger parking. The goal is to create intense and multilayered infrastructure, which works as an urban hinge, connecting and regulating different type of mobility flows, both from north to south and east to west. The fully open structure has ceiling heights which are slightly above standard heights for parking to accommodate other permanent and temporary built-in programs.

Parking & more / hhf architects

A series of small scale shops, bars and restaurants are located on the ground floor, creating a vibrant and lively street and a partially covered urban plaza with different sport facilities and temporary pop-up stores. Beside parking there is a motel and a sports club integrated on the upper floors. The roof top is used for urban farming and provides a public garden with a restaurant, bars and an event hall overlooking the city.

Parking & more / hhf architects

Parking & more / hhf architects

All internal circulation is organized with two centrally located spiral ramps leading up to the roof. They allow for a direct access with cars and bikes to all floors including the roof. An additional sideway for pedestrians, located on the inside of a ramp leads to the public viewing platform, offering a great view over the fast developing area of the Dreispitz quarter.

Project Details:

Location: Basel, Switzerland
Type: Mixed-Use
Commission: Invited Competition 2014, 1st Prize
Building Footprint Area: 8000 m2
Gross Floor Area: 41000 m2
Useable Floor Area: 39500 m2
Architects: HHF Architects
Team: Herlach Hartmann Frommenwiler with Mariana Santana, Benjamin Krüger, Anastasija Binevic and Felix Brinkhege, Zdeněk Liška, Dasha Mikic, Jure Sadar

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