Period Of Significance – The Arboretum Story by wickFILMS

Period Of Significance - The Arboretum Story by wickFILMS

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The Arboretum at Christ Cathedral, or more widely known as the “Drive-In Church” designed by legendary mid-century architect Richard Neutra, has been renovated by Orange County architecture firm LPA, Inc. This short documentary chronicles the process LPA underwent to bring the building into the 21st century without compromising it’s aesthetic and historical significance.

From LPA: “Originally designed to be cutting-edge in 1961, the 22,000-square-foot building needed aesthetic and technological updates. The Arboretum is part of the 34-acre campus of the future Christ Cathedral, located in the heart of Orange County in Garden Grove, Calif. Richard Neutra, one of Southern California’s most celebrated architects was hired by Rev. Robert Schuller for the project.”

A production – Music by Chris Zabriskie


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