Pied a Terre / 8A Architects

Pied a terre / 8a architects

The assignment involves the transformation of a labourer’s house into a ‘pied a terre’ in Leiden for a Dutch family living in Paris. The clients wanted to give the relatively small house of 76m2 as much space and light as possible.

Pied a terre / 8a architects

In order to create more space the house is completely stripped of all interior walls and replaced by a new designed oak interior, in which different functions are integrated and hidden from the eye. On the ground floor the interior consists of an entrance hall, toilet, cupboard, stairs and bench in itself. This integration saves a lot of space and at the same time resulted into a prominent interior element in the house. The interior runs up through to the 1st floor where the bathroom and the two bedrooms are located.

Pied a terre / 8a architects

To maximise light to drop into the house, big sliding doors were placed in the living room on the ground floor. On the first floor in the master bedroom a dormer window was fitted and in the corridor two skylights in the roof to provide light from above. All of these openings are on the rear of the house and have made it possible to bring the front façade of the house in its original condition. Until entering the house, another world hides behind this original façade.

Project Details:
Location: Leiden, The Netherlands
Type: Residential
Area: 76m2
Design: 2011
Construction: 2012-2013
Client: Family Cuypers
Architects: 8A Architects – www.8aa.nl

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