Playful Wooden Structure Encourages Exploration in the Wild

The playground is an area envision for children yet used by us all, an area very useful to children in particular as it encourages them to play every day. It encourages them to explore and learn in the wild the natural behavior of the environment whilst managing to cultivate a child’s imagination through experience in a unique setup, an open area that has been cared fore, one respected by the community for years, one envisioned for play, one fueled by curiosity.

Five Fields Play Structure is a project in Lexington, Massachusetts, in an open area around landscape. A wide sloping ground, an open space which bounds by silence. The Architects Collaborative (TAC) searched ways for the mid-century community to use the space by its neighbourhood as their common grounds. It is a joint effort of Matter Design and FRISCH.

Play wooden pic 1

The Architect sets a challenging idea to bring joyful sounds of laughter on by creating an asymmetrical form of geometry for a playful wooden structure in the middle of the forest, a scenic setting. This will encourage the children to explore in the wild to experience the natural environment, that ought to inscribe and highlight their individuality.

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This playscape is customized to children ergonomics but is also accessible to adults. A creative structure was designed for innocence, means to express behavior of both children and adults through a unique and unanticipated form of spaces. Furthermore, its wooden formation was uncomfortable in terms of composition and visual design principles, specifically design balance is not present, this being a factor that greatly encourages their curiosity.

Play wooden pic 3

Due to the sloping orientation of the ground, it emphasizes more of a visual weight. Visual weight with an appealing principles with the image of Playful Wooden Structure. This fills an open space with an added unusual form, that is far more different than the old concept of wooden play structures such as tree houses. It is exceptional due to its imbalance design, since there is no distinct focal point. This brings the feeling of excitement for the kids when they see the structure, even an adult may not be imagined at first, that it was a playground.

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A playful wooden structure is not just a playground but is a more of an obstacle course. It challenges the little ones to discover the hidden spaces, leading them to nurture their own skills and abilities. Because aside from climbing or crawling, they will also perform running, jumping or balancing in this wooden designed complex structure. Supporting them to develop and thrive through play.

Play wooden pic 8

There are colorful visual images indicating the entrances and exits. Children are attracted with colors, this is the best way to lead them to their discovery of the place. Using their experimental behavior through an outside classroom like playground.

Play wooden pic 7

Openings and stairs are present, but it hangs above the ground without the connecting platform, rather, children were directed to the sloping ground. It intends them to slow down when they reached the entrances and exits. They will apparently see the clear view of nature. Therefore, children will also have close interaction with the environment.

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Children are needed to be exposed and aware of the natural world, they are the future caretakers of our environment.  They have to gain knowledge and learn the process of maintaining the existence of beautiful places and structures, so that, when they get older they can contribute to their future children, how essential is the natural environment to the lives of many.

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How do you see this playful wooden structure ? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below !

Photo Courtesy to Matter Design and FRISCH

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