73 Epic Free Potting Bench Plans to Materialize

If you are into gardening, you will know that a potting bench is essential to get the process started.

But purchasing a bench could be expensive, and bending down every time you need to work with your plants could be challenging and painful. We understand the dilemma, and hence we have come with a list of 73 epic free potting bench plans. There are options for novices or first timers where the design is simple and easy to construct.

On the other hand, there are more complicated designs that professionals can aim to make. The best part about these is that you can decorate them however you want. Add some vines and daisies to the panels and make it look pretty.

So, without further ado, it is time to dive in!

Free Potting Bench Plans 

Table of Contents

Pt 1

  1. Kid-Sized Chesapeake

Image 1 6

If you have kids in the house who are very interested in planting seeds and gardening, the Kid-Sized Chesapeake Potter’s Bench is going to be a great choice. It looks like a normal bench used for gardening but scaled down to suit your kids’ height.

It has ample bottom storage and will let your kids grow as many plants as they want. With a hutch-style back and wooden color, your kids will love this product.

  1. Cheap and Basic Potting Table

Image 2 5

If you believe in simple and basic living, this is going to impress you a lot. Made of just 2x4s, it requires no fancy tools and can be used by anybody and for any purpose in the garden.

Not just a potting table, it can be used as a breakfast table or a barbeque one too. It is pretty easy to assemble, and you can easily do it in a day without any issues.

  1. Small and Solid Table

Image 3 5

Sustainable living has become a part of our lifestyle today, and this is a great example of that. This small and solid table is made from leftover wood that has been rejected while working on other projects. It consists of wood pieces that measure 2×6′ or 2×4′ and hence make a small unit.

The product is shorter than average benches and can be used by both kids and adults.

  1. Hidden Cabinet Compact Bench

Image 4 5

Do you have a small workspace? The hidden cabinet version might be exactly what you need. It can be put on carters and rolled to where you want to take it. Also, the top of the bench can be lifted easily, and there is a cabinet below that to keep all your gardening tools. Two doors secure this, and your tools are hidden away easily. This protects them from direct sunlight and rain.

  1. Multi-Shelved Potting Bench

Image 5 4

Is storage a big concern for you? Then this multi-shelves model might be exactly what you need. It has 2 smaller shelves on the top and a large lower shelf along with a large working surface.

With a length of 40 inches, it has a lot of space available but will not take up too much ground space. Painted a beautiful shade of white, this is bound to stand out.

  1. Upcycled Pallet Potting Structure

Image 6 4

If you are environmentally conscious and want an upcycled product, this is going to be a lovely option. Made from pallets, it has an upper hanging shelf to store all your essentials. There is space to build a lower shelf, too, if the need arises.

But yes, you will need more wood than a pallet, and hence, first, contact a wood dealer for it before you proceed to assemble.

  1. DIY Gardener’s Potting Bench

Image 7 4

Up next is a bench that can be modified to be large or small, depending on the space that is available. It has a grated top with a number of catching trays. You will get ample storage space with two shelves on the top and bottom, respectively. Indeed, we found that it is very easy to build and can be adjusted according to your needs.

  1. Storage-Savvy Potting Bench

Image 8 2

If you have a lot of compost to store and keep, this might be the exact design of the bench that you are looking for. It has three storage options with different widths for all kinds of things.

The top one is narrowly followed by a middle shield where you can keep your tools. The lowest one is large and open and can be used to keep your fertilizer blends and compost.

  1. Basic Red Potting Bench

Image 9 2

Are you a gardening enthusiast or beginning as a DIY gardener? This might be an incredible way to begin planting seeds. The bench has a large lower shelf along with a narrow upper shelf for storage.

The working surface is big enough for you to work with soil bags and bins easily. Also, we loved the bright red color of it. But of course, you can paint it in any shade that suits the space.

  1. Three Tier Potting Bench

Image 10 2

Do you want a decorative piece that can double as a potting bench? This is going to be the perfect choice with an angled frame that looks like a decoration rack. It is angled outwards, and your seedlings will get the amount of sun and shade when placed on the racks.

This is easy to assemble and will not cost you much. The three shelves, if painted a color to match your house, can be kept on the front porch too.

  1. Ana White Simple Potting Structure

Image 11 1

Up next is a beautiful rustic piece that can be built with the least number of rolls and supplies. It has ample space to work well and a lower bench to store your essentials. The best part about this product is that it has a back that is made to hang pots and tools.

Furthermore, it can be painted, oiled, stained, or used just like that. We loved the design and light wood natural color in general.

  1. Pallet Bench With Storage Bin

Image 12

This is an excellent wide option that will provide you with a wide workspace along with a lot of storage space. It has hinged doors that open on the work surface and leads to a cabinet underneath.

This can store soil bags and tools that you frequently use. The lower shelf is slightly slatted to make sure any liquid or extra soil falls off. The bench has a rustic design, which is indeed pleasing to the eye.

  1. Potting Bench With Decorative Roof

Image 13

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful decorative bench that is tall and reaches up to 100″. If you have a 2 storied house, you can adjust the height according to what looks good.

This can be done during the assembly process. Plants can be hung from the top below the roof to provide a beautiful front. There is a large workspace that is protected from rain, thanks to the tall roof.

  1. Classic Propagation Structure

Image 14

Do you want a potting bench as well as a greenhouse, but there is no space to keep both? This classic propagation model will help you get the benefits of both. There is a cold frame attached to the bench, and this will keep your seedlings safe.

Additionally, there are lower shelves, which will work as storage spaces, even for your larger bins and bags. You can keep your tools on the smaller shelf while bigger items go on the 2 larger shelves.

  1. Perfect Potting Bench With Soil Storage Bin

Image 15

This is one of the most well-designed options that you will find with a slatted top surface, which will make sure that excess water, soil, fertilizers fall off easily. It has a pull-out storage box, too, which will give you ample space to store your soil bins.

On the left, there are deep lower shelves where you can store your tools and essentials. A small shelf is also present in the upper frame where you can keep decorative or lightweight items.

  1. Simple and Sturdy DIY Potting Table

Image 16

This is a very simple bench that works perfectly well for gardeners. It will not cost you too much money and will provide a wide lower shelf for comfortable storage. The work surface on top has a lot of room too, and will give you enough space to get your work done.

Also, this is perfect for beginners and can be easily assembled.

  1. Cedar Gardener’s Work Bench

Image 17

Made of weather-resistant wood, this is an incredible product, to begin with. It looks outstanding and is perfect as a beginner project. If you have a well-decorated garden, this will add to the appeal and is known for its functionality.

This came with 2 shelves and a wide working bench. One shelf is perfect for tools, while the other can hold bigger items like bins and compost piles.

  1. Pinewood Potting Cart

Image 18 1

Up next is a mobile potting station that will fit excellently well for those who need to move their bench to places. This is a functional model that is created out of pressure-treated pine. It looks simple, with no designs on the body.

If you want a simple yet efficient device to take care of your potting tools and mixes, this will be a great choice. Plus, it has a 34-inch working surface, which is smaller than its peers but is still wide enough for you to work on it.

  1. Outdoor Island With Hutch

Image 19

Are you looking for a potting bench that can also be used as a display unit? Then the Outdoor Island With Hutch will fit your needs perfectly. It will provide enough space for you to work on and will also act as a display unit. The working surface is 39.5 inches long, and there is a lower shelf of the same size.

  1. Cedar Potting Bench

Image 20

If you do not have a fixed budget and you want a bench with a lot of storage options, this is the one to go for. It has 3 shelves, which include a wide lower shelf for bigger items and a pair of narrow shelves on top for tools and essentials.

There are also 2 soil bins that are kept under the work surface and have panels that can be removed to access them.

  1. Vintage Sink Potting Bench

Image 21

Do you have a classic or a vintage sink lying around the house? Then it can become an incredible addition to the bench. A sink will help manage soil easily, preventing it from falling outside. And the wooded area on the side of it can be used to keep your seedlings and tools needed. You can stack pots and compost on the lower shelf.

  1. Napa-Styled European Garden Table

Image 22

This sports a beautiful and unique design with a mesh surface in between. This mesh surface keeps the plants and equipment from falling into the drawer. Also, it collects all potting soil that falls from the tabletop.

Yes, it is not very large and will fit into small spaces easily. Hence if you have a shortage of space, this is a great product to pick.

  1. Potting Bench With Soil Bin

Image 23

This product provides for a soil bin on the left-hand side, which can be removable. There is a lot of counter space on the right side with a designed panel at the back. You can not only hang planters from them but also tools and other equipment. There are Strong-Tie connectors that are used to provide more support to the structure.

  1. Secretary-Style Potting Bench

Image 24

Do you know of a secretary style desk? This is designed exactly like that and has an angled front. But there are no roll-down covers like in a secretary desk design. It is made of pressure-treated plywood, which is created out of 2×4 sized wood pieces.

You can paint it in any style you wish, and that would make it look very attractive. A pastel shade or plain white would compliment it very well.

  1. Open-Surface Potting Bench with Chicken Wire Back

Image 25

Do you live in an area prone to snow or rainfall? Then this type will be very beneficial for you. It is very strong and known to be durable. Made of 2×4 wood pieces, they have recessed screws that are somewhat protected against rusting.

You will also find a wooden bar on top which can be used to hang planters or tools. The lower shelf, on the other hand, can be used to store larger items.

  1. Big Pallet Potting Bench

Image 26

Have you had recent construction work done in your place? If you have large pallets remaining from them, this could cost almost nothing. It is very basic but will provide ample space to store supplies and pots.

There are 2 shelves where you can store things and a large working surface. Paint it in a bright color, and this could become a very attractive addition to space.

  1. Country-Style Potting Bench

Image 27

This product will compliment a vintage or a countryside house incredibly well. It will offer a lot of space for you to keep your supplies and has a slatted work surface to ensure no dirt remains on it. If you have a very artistic landscape garden, this could be the perfect bench to choose.

  1. Garden Party Wheeled Potting Bench

Image 28

Up next is a table which is made to be stylish as well as sturdy. Created to look like a commercial table, this is very appealing and comes with wheels. The solid wood surface provides plenty of areas to work on, and a lower shelf can store things for you.

The wheels are stable and will be able to carry around your supplies. This can also be used as a portable bar in case of parties that you might be throwing in the backyard.

  1. Organized Potting Bench With Sink

Image 29

What will make the perfect potting bench? Ample storage space, sufficient workspace, and a sink, right? This one has it all. There is a sink for storing soil and preventing it from falling out. Also, you have a work surface where there is a lot of counter space and a shelf for storing your tools. The bottom shelf can hold items that are very tall like buckets.

  1. Professional Potting Station

Image 30

If you require a professional level potting bench, this is a great option. It has a sink on one side where you can wash or rinse when needed. Also, there is a lot of countertop space where you can work with the plants, and then there is a sturdy pegboard for holding everything together.

But remember that this is a professional product and will not be very simple to assemble. It is going to cost a lot, but you will get value for it.

  1. Knock-Off DIY Potting Table

Image 31

This bench is a replica of one that is sold by a leading chain store and is known for its elegant design.There is a large storage shelf near the bottom where you can keep the potting supplies. On the table top, there is ample space for you to work and then there are wide storage shelves for keeping everything else.

  1. Blue Potting Bench With Built-In Soil Storage

Image 32

Yes it is blue in color but you have the liberty to paint it in any other shades that you want. The best part about this potted bench is that it has a pull-out bin which can be used to store items. There is a lot of shelf space beside this bin and there is a bottom shelf too.

This product has a solid frame behind the shelves which can be used to hang the tools and other pots.

  1. Classic Potting Bench With Hutch Top

Image 33

This classic structure with a hutch top is perfect for those who need a lot of storage. This one has shelves at various heights and different compartments for the small pots and pans. There is a large space too towards the right hand side where you can fit in buckets or tall bags of compost.

You will find a wooden backsplash too behind the working surface which prevents the soil from splattering and falling outside this bench. It can be cleaned easily when needed.

  1. Wheelbarrow Potting Cart

Image 34

Up next is an amazing option that will allow you to take all the potting equipment wherever you go. If you have a backyard and front yard and you need to carry tools around, this will do it easily. It has a recessed shelf along with a removable lid that opens up to a soil bucket.

You can store the soil underneath in its bucket for transferring it and the wheels and handles make this process a lot easier.

  1. Craftsman Styled Potting Bench

Image 35

Up next is  a visually appealing and large potting bench, that is going to be a great option for a decorated yard. It is aesthetic and very artistic with detailed work done on the body. A roomy shelf near the bottom will help in storing items and can be used by carpenters to keep their tools too.

  1. The Wood Post Potting Bench

Image 36

Do you have a number of S hooks or planters to hang? This bench with a latticed back is the perfect choice. It provides you with ample space on the back to hang items and a shelf below to keep all your supplies. A wide working bench will help professional gardeners work on their projects.

  1. Make A Gardener’s Potting Bench

Image 37

If you have cedar wood, you can easily make a great gardener’s potting bench. It is going to be sturdy and comes with a sink in between.

This galvanized tub sink will help in keeping the soil and prevent it from falling off while the numerous shelves will make sure that every item is kept safely. You will also get 2 drawers that can be used to keep stuff away from dust.

  1. Aluminum and Wood Potting Table

Image 38

This is a large table with an aluminum top on one side. The aluminum sheet is the perfect place to work with stuff that could otherwise destroy wooden surfaces. It is easy to clean and no stains remain on the surface.

Also, it is fireproof and can be used to keep a portable grill. You can use it in your backyard parties where the grill is placed on the metal. All the other ingredients needed are placed on the shelves.

  1. Sunset’s Stylish Potting Bench

Image 39

This item has a unique feature that makes it stand out. It has side rails that prevent anything from sliding or falling off. There is a lower shelf too which provides a lot of space to keep your essentials. Also, a piece of hardware cloth is present at its back and stretches all the way up from the table top.

You can use it to hang tools and other items. This has a narrow shelf over it for small tools and pots.

  1. Seed Starting Bench

Image 40

This is a simple bench that can be built easily and will provide the perfect base for planting seeds. The work surface is 32.5 inches in length and you will have enough space to perform all the activities.

Plus it is not very difficult to assemble and there are shelves available for additional storage. But yes, the parts may be more expensive than its peers.

  1. Big Potting Station/Bar With Storage Box

Image 41

This is the perfect bar that can be also used as a potting bench. It has a deep built-in storage cabinet that can be used to keep soil or compost bags. There are a number of shelves which will provide more than enough space to keep your things.

Convert it into an open bar when necessary for sudden parties. Overall, it is indeed a good deal and has multiple uses.

  1. Barn Door Cabinet Potting Bench

Image 42

There are 2 ways to make this potting bench. You can have only the bench with the lower shelf if you have fewer storage needs. But if you want a larger place for potting, then you can add the barn door on top.

It will help store smaller pots and plants and keep them safely away from harsh temperatures. The bench is pretty wide and can accommodate a lot of items at once.

  1. Gardener’s Ultimate Potting Bench

Image 43

Do you work on plants with your kids? Then this is the perfect bench to make. It has 3 working surfaces at 3 different heights and everyone can work together. Your kid can take the lower platform while you work on the higher one.

Plus there are 2 shelves and a wall to hang your tools and planters. Overall, this is a complete package to build.

  1. Basic Potting Table With Pot Rail

Image 44

This is a very quaint and elegant table that has a simple large surface and a hidden shelf underneath for small pots or plants. It is designed beautifully and is made of pressure-treated composite decking boards. The height can be adjusted accordingly and its structure can also be modified depending on the space that is available.

  1. Stylish and Solid Potting Bench

Image 45

This is one of the most elegant pieces among the ones we have discussed so far. It combines sophistication with utility and will take a little while to assemble. You will find signs of the Mission style of architecture which you will be able to see in the design.

There are a number of cubby holes and shelves with a built-in sifting screen. This has a cover too and a lower bench beneath it. You can sit on it and work or use it for additional storage.

  1. Functional Potting Bench With Storage Mesh

Image 46

If a long potting bench is on your mind, this is going to be a great fit. The product comes with a 72 inches long surface to work on. It has enough space for you to keep seeds, fertilizers and pots together. There is a hardware cloth which is stretched behind and you can hang pots and plants from it.

A deep shelf compliments it and provides you with an easy solution for your items.

  1. Rustic Reclaimed Potting Bench

Image 47

This is indeed a wooden treasure to keep in the house. It has a tiled work surface and cupboards below. There is a cupboard-style storage unit underneath paired with a window frame back. You will be getting top shelves too for essentials. The back will allow you to hang things from it.

  1. Heavy-Duty Potting Table

Image 48

If you are looking for a simple bench which can be used to perform heavy-duty tasks, the Heavy-Duty Potting Table can be a great choice. It is very easy to build and provides thick surfaces which will support all your heavy pots and sapling bags easily.

The bench is light colored and will fit in any type of garden. You can use this in your barbeque parties to keep dishes and serve.

  1. Shaded Garden Potting Bench

Image 49

Shaded benches have their own advantages. It has a roof which is inclined at 15 degrees and this prevents rain and snow from touching your plants and supplies. Also, there is a front overhang which keeps it safe from damages caused due to rain or sun.

We loved the wide working surface which has elbow room and space for more than one person to work. So, if you plan to work together as a couple or with a friend, this is an excellent deal.

  1. Pull-Down Pallet Potting Bench

Image 50

Have you ever thought of a hanging potting bench? Yes, you can make it easily if you have a wooden pallet or 2 lying down somewhere in the house. You will need chains and hinges to attach the pallets to the wall behind and this takes very less time.

You can hang it anywhere in the garden and if you want a more stable platform, add some support below to stabilize it.

  1. Perfect Picket Fence Potting Bench

Image 51

This picket fence bench looks very aesthetic and can be easily made out of picket fence boards. The dimensions are not mentioned clearly as they will vary according to the product. It is easy to assemble and there is enough storage space.

Moreover, you will be upcycling and using leftover materials. This is good for the environment too as you can repurpose and take the sustainable route.

  1. Basic Pallet Potting Bench

Image 52

All you need is a number of pallets and you can make this beautiful structure. You could use old pallets or get hold of some from the local store. Buy a few wooden screws too and you can build it yourself.

It is very easy and you will be able to create 2 shelves with a working space in between. Yes, the working  space is less but it will work excellently if you have less space in the yard.

  1. Bedpost Potting Table

Image 53

If you have a few bed posts lying around from old beds, this is something that you can make out of it. It needs some tools and pieces of lumbar to get done and you will have a long table for your potting needs.

This is very helpful in case of narrow barns or backyards and you can customize the size according to your needs. Color it a warm shade of white and it is ready for all your needs.

  1. Upcycled Table Potting Bench

Image 54

Upcycling is the new trend and it is the most sustainable way of living. If you have an old bench or a picnic table that is lying around, you can convert it to a potting plastform easily. It can have 2-3 shelves depending on the structure of the existing table and you can color it accordingly.

Use an old cabinet or a drawer to add to this and you can create a beautiful structure that people will be surprised to see.

  1. Attractive Potting Bench

Image 55

As the name suggests, if you want an elegant and efficient piece of furniture, this is perfect. It has multiple shelves at different heights for you to keep every supply separately. This makes it very easy to find the items needed as they are stored separately.

Also, there is space below the bench to keep a dustbin and a garbage collector. The whole structure is painted in 1 color but you can also experiment with colors to create a masterpiece.

  1. Transformed Dresser Potting Bench

Image 56

If you were planning to throw away your old dresser, this is a great way to upcycle it. This will need the least bit of carpentry work and hence if you are a novice, it would not be a problem. Change the colors, paint a few flowers and branches and you are good to go.

It will already have its set of drawers and cabinets. Remove any mirror and paint the surface. That should do the trick!

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Planting Bench With Grow Light

Image 57

Do you wish to begin growing your seeds before the growing season? This product comes with a light fixture that will enable you to do so. There is a large working surface and a lot of storage space below the table top. The light provides warmth for the seeds and can be removed if you do not need them.

This can be kept indoors as well as outdoors. If you wish to transport it more than a few times, attach wheels and you are good to go.

  1. Fence Board Potting Bench

Image 58

This is another great example of how to use fence boards efficiently. If you have recently gotten your fences changed and the old ones are still there, do not throw them away. These can be used to provide a bench with a sturdy and designed back to keep the entire furniture steady.

  1. Monterey Potting Center

Image 59

A potting bench made of redwood is an incredible option to upkeep outdoors. The redwood is sturdy and beautiful to look at. Paint it with a clear coating and you should have a beautiful piece to flaunt.

The best part about this bench is that you can add as many layers to it as you want. You could have one shelf below or a couple of them. A small roof is built on top to provide your plants with some shade.

  1. Mobile Potting Table

Image 60

For those BBQ enthusiasts who have a small space but want that perfect potting table, this could be the versatile option that was needed. It has wheels and can be used to keep seeds and plants as well as used as a portable bar. You can use it in your BBQ parties to take food around.

  1. The Potting Bar

Image 61

While the previous option talked about a mobile bar, this one is perfect for those who want a large and stable bench. This has a long working surface with a shelf on top and a cabinet below. It can be used as a proper outdoor bar when needed and a potting bench too.

Line up containers on the top narrow shelf while you store your supplies in the cabinet below. It will keep them protected from the sun.

  1. Challenging Potter’s Station En Français

Image 62

Are you a professional looking to build a piece to remember? The Challenging Potter’s Station En Français is indeed going to provide you with a great carpentry experience. This is not for first timers or novices as there is complicated work that needs to be done.

But once you have built it, you are bound to be proud of the exquisite bench. It is a treat to keep in the backyard with multiple drawers, cabinets and shelves.

  1. Rustic Pallet Potting Bench

Image 63

Another great way to use your old pallets is to convert them into an incredible bench. Thes best part about this is that you will only need a hammer and a saw for it. Hence if you do not have a tool box, it does not matter.

This has a small roof on top to keep your plants in the shade. You can attach a small basin on one of the sides and complete the structure.

  1. Legless Potting Bench

Image 64

Sometimes, a portable table surface can be exactly what you want. This legless potting equipment can be set up easily anywhere with the help of brics, cinder blocks and sawhorses. The top can easily be constructed and you can get to work within an hour. Yes, it is easy to build and can be stored in any corner. Just keep it vertical and place it by a wall when not in use.

  1. The Pro-Built Bench

Image 65

Do you want to build a sturdy and high quality bench for your plants? If you own a nursery or are into gardening, this will be a majestic addition to your garden. It is very big and has ample space for you to keep bins and garbage disposal bags. The top provides shade and you can keep pots on top too.

  1. Potting Bench With Soil Overflow Bin

Image 66

If you want to keep the area around the bench clean, this could be a great design to build. It has a grated top with a bin below to collect all the excess soil. You can color it in a shade that matches the rest of the furniture around and you are good to go!

  1. Potting Bench With Hidden Garbage Can Enclosure

Image 67

Do you want to hide away your garbage bins? This could be the perfect design that you are looking for. Not only do you get a large work surface, there is ample shade to keep your plants protected from direct sunlight.

You also have open shelves on one side to store pots and compost bags. The back contains vertical wooden planks which can be used to hang planters or tools.

  1. Potting Wash Tub

Image 68

This is one of the most unique and space saving potting tubs that you can get. Use your old galvanised kid’s tub or a wash tub to create this beautiful large pot. This can be used to keep soil needed for potting.

And the best part is that the soil will not fall off this tub. It will remain safe and keep the area around free from dirt. Color it in your favorite shade and it is good to go.

  1. 2-Pallet Potting Bench


Up next is a pretty looking bench which has enough space for you to repot easily. There is a bottom shelf and 2 small open drawers for your essentials. It is not a big structure and will fit into any pretty quaint corners that you want to keep it in.

  1. Potting Bench Entertainment Center

Image 70

You can create a potting bench which is large enough to fit all your pots on one hand and be the perfect entertainment center on the other hand. You can use it for your outdoor parties and bbq nights to serve food or keep the music system. There are shelves and cabinets providing you with ample storage.

  1. 2×4 Potting Bench

Image 71

Do you have a number of 2x4s? This is going to be a really inexpensive option to build. It will have a horizontal bar on the back and you can hang planters and tools from it.

Further, there is a large shelf below where you can keep big buckets and tins. Color it in a bright shade like spring green and you will have a beautiful addition indeed.

  1. Simple Potting Bench

Image 72

This is a great option for beginners who want to get done with the process within an hour. It does not need a lot of woodwork and you will have an elegant looking product in no time. There is a narrow shelf on top and a bottom shelf.

  1. Portable Potting Bench

Image 73

In case you have restricted garden space, this small but sturdy and elegant piece could be perfect. This is made with a repurposed drawer and is very inexpensive. Use your favorite color or stain to change the texture and you have a beautiful product. It can be used as a potting bench or you can keep it beside your table outdoors for the newspaper and a cup of tea.

Pt 2

Final Words

You can have a simple table with a shelf and keep it as it is or you could transform the bench into something pretty. Colors and stains can be used to match them with the rest of the furniture.

Since you are building the bench from scratch, there are a lot of customization options. Make it high or low according to your requirements and add any number of shelves that you want. You can also attach sinks, houses for garbage bins with the shelf to make your work process easier.

Finally, it is time to take our leave, and we hope these designs have inspired you to create your own. Let us know which ones you liked in the comment section below.

Until next time!

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