The Power of Sticker Shock

The Power of Sticker Shock

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The power of sticker shock

The idea of wrapping a house in giant graphic stickers, like the ones used for ads on city buses, appealed to Eric Chu the moment his architect suggested it.

But then, Mr. Chu, 38, rarely shies away from trying something new. After starting a computer hardware and software business when he was barely 20, Mr. Chu, who was born in Taiwan, owned a restaurant, invested in real estate and designed furniture that he welded himself.

As he put it, “I definitely approach life with a ‘why not?’ philosophy.”

Like many Los Angeles homeowners whose property is zoned R-2 (or two-family), Mr. Chu had decided to replace the single, modest home on his lot with two houses — one to live in and the other to rent out. But as spacious backyards throughout the city give way to revenue-earning second units, the land between the front and back houses can be odd territory, where privacy is elusive.

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