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The AIANY COTE Awards recognizes results-oriented achievements in the urban context. Winning submissions demonstrate processes that culminate in design.
To celebrate their 60th anniversary, RMJM are inviting you to design a commemorative image that captures the spirit of their office.
ARCHmedium is proposing the creation of a children´s day care in the city of Amsterdam whose starting point is, once again, children playgrounds ...
The Trans Siberian Pit Stops competition is calling for submissions for a tourist centre that can be replicated along the world famous train route
The Melbourne Tattoo Academy architecture competition is calling for submissions of a school for the art of tattooing in heart of Melbourne
Warsaw is a city bursting with change. Rising into economical prominence in the set of European capitals, it is still in search of its spatial identity
This one-stage architecture competition invites young architects to develop ideas for the design of a contemporary Site Landmark located in Sagres, Portugal
The competition proposes the design of 1 or 2 new markets on either site with a construction cost of no more than €100,000
The Chicago Chapter of The Architecture Lobby announces its first ever design competition, Kerning for a Cause, beginning August 1, 2016.
Archiprix International invites all universities and colleges teaching architecture, urban design and landscape architecture to select their best graduation project
The idea of deluge brings us to the catastrophic reminder of the divine on the earth, where it is understood as a punishment of divinity, to the men
The aim of this competition is to design a 'SUSTAINABLE FANBOX', a new typological structure and mascot for the Rio Olympics 2016
The house becomes a space with multiple scales from the micro to the macro. How can we incorporate these dimensions into the current house?

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