Private Residence / Archiplan Studio

Private Residence / Archiplan Studio

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Private residence / archiplan studio

The site is located at a point between the square and the church of a small village in the Po Valley. The new building develops around a small inner courtyard. The front facing the street has no openings apart from the main entrance.

Private residence / archiplan studio

Four metres high, it underlines the idea of the threshold conceived as an element of transit and delimitation that separates an outer world, without rules or qualities, from a controlled artificial one.

Private residence / archiplan studio

The walls of the building have no domestic openings, establishing a selective relationship with the surroundings and providing a visual rapport with the only side with vegetation, to the east of the building, and with the inner courtyard.

Project Details:
Location: Sarginesco, Italy
Type: Residential Houses
Architects: Archiplan
Project: 2005
Realization: 2007
Photos: Gianni Basso Vega


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