How To Protect Your Deck This Winter

    How To Protect Your Deck This Winter

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    How To Protect Your Deck This Winter

    The deck is one of the most brilliant additions to the home, thanks to its numerous uses. It is a great place to entertain your visitors, especially if it’s located in the backyard, fronting the garden. You can also spend some quiet time there by yourself or stay there while watching your children play.

    Unfortunately, during the winter, your deck can be vulnerable to damages if not well protected . especially in a snowy climate; the requirements in much of the country differ from what a home-based public relations firm in SF might need to do to keep their deck looking great.

    Here, we present you some useful tips on how to protect your deck this winter – even experienced patio deck builders can attest to the effectiveness of these tips:

    Clean It Up

    The first thing you need to do is clear away all the clutter on the deck. If planters are left outside during the winter, they can cause damage due to leaking and discolorations. Planters should be stored accordingly to prevent this damage. Patio furniture also needs to be stacked and stowed away from the winter.

    Get Rid of Mold or Mildew Accumulation

    How To Protect Your Deck This Winter
    You should remove mold and mildew that may be present on the deck surface. This is in light of the fact that patios are a common breeding ground for them. Namely, during the winter, the moisture on the deck will attract mildew and mold, especially between tight boards and cracks. Mildew can be cleaned either by a pressure washer or DIY with a bleach and borax solution.

    Make any Repairs in Advance

    How To Protect Your Deck This Winter

    If your deck is unstable or needs some repairs, you need to ensure that they are taken care of before winter arrives. This is because such issues can be worsened by the winter weather.
    A loose railing, for example, may come off completely if it’s subjected to the additional weight of heavy snow. This also applies to shaky steps and wobbly boards. Try to complete all repairs on your deck before the winter weather arrives to avert further damage to the deck.

    Apply a Protective

    Once you have made the repairs and cleaned the area, you should then apply a coat of protective stain. If there’s one thing that damages a deck faster, then it’s certainly moisture. Moisture can cause mildew, mold, and rot.

    Fortunately, a protective stain can help seal out the moisture. Besides sealing out the damaging water, it will also give your deck a clean and fresh appearance. Stains are available in a wide variety of color options, and they can last for countless years, safeguarding your deck through many winters to come.

    Get Rid of Snow

    How To Protect Your Deck This Winter

    It is imperative that you remove the accumulation of snow as it envelopes your home. Just like how snow damages the roofing and gutter systems in New Jersey, mounds of snow can also damage your deck.

    It is advisable to shovel in the same way as the boards run to avoid damaging the deck’s finish. You should never use salt or any other ice melting product on your deck surface as they may damage or cause discoloration to the finish.


    Having a deck as part of your home can greatly enhance the amount of enjoyment you derive from your residence in the warmer seasons. However, you can’t just attach a deck to your house during the warmer months, and remove it when the colder months set it.
    That’s why you need to learn the tricks of safeguarding your deck during the winter. In fact, with some pre-planning and maintenance, incorporating the above tips, you can rest assured that your deck will remain in good shape through the entire winter season.

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