RDVM – Memory of a Process

RDVM - Memory of a Process

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The Agras Norte house, positioned on a hill over the lakeside landscape of Aveiro, is organized around the light and family life. The landed volumes, the fluidity of the spaces, or the apparent formal freedom arise contextualized by the program, the site and the memories. Its motivations and concepts are supported within other architectural works.

RVDM Arquitectos is a studio led by Ricardo Vieira de Melo. Since 1996 he explores the formal relationships between landed volumes in the landscape, as if they could have a light and ephemeral presence on site and expressions intended to clarify complex urban places. Among his first purist and fragmented works and the latest ones, exploring the constructive systems or archetypal forms, his architectural route develops amongst private clients and public work, including urban design.

The Agras Norte house reveals the maturation of RVDM work, an intersection of formal, programmatic and constructive researches. Inspired by an earlier work – the house in Costa Nova, the volume of Agras Norte, also seeks the landscape and its dissimulation on it. The house, which actually houses two twin flats, offers fluid spaces where a family interacts in mixed informal spaces. The solar orientation and the need to balance the two typologies induced the construction to be formalized by the light, the views and rhythm of the coating.

The confrontation between formal freedom and constructive limitations is also expressed in another work of the atelier, in Guimarães, where the headquarters of a transport company had to be materialized, from design to use in 15 months.


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